Olympics 2008 A Done Deal
Photo courtesy of People’s Daily

OuchThe Olympics ended yesterday.  As someone watching 24/7 coverage, their absence is immediately felt.  Surprisingly,…. there was little discussion related to that major event within our little frame of the world.

Overall, the global consensus is that the Chinese pulled this one off well.  Their overall execution was acknowledged to have probably been “the best ever” by some of the globe’s most seasoned participants.  Remarkable not only for its individual achievements, but just in the scale of records broken, this Olympic rank for a considerable time as the one to beat….  Of course it helps boost our nation’s spirits that the US came out well.

But hidden within that statistic, is a deeper truth.  Most of those playing for, and vying for Olympic fame,  have spent considerable time, and have trained within the United States.  Ironically our NBA stars were scattered over the entire globes competing basketball teams…  But so had soccer stars, gymnasts, kayak specialists,….all of which had used our technology and our expertise to better their game….

But so did the Chinese do well…   Without question the two athletic powerhouses in the world today are the Chinese (age 11 and up) and the United States.  Wealth is the driving force behind both.  The Chinese spent an estimated 80 billion on the Olympics this year alone.  It will be a while before that amount is ever spent again.  The Opening Ceremony alone was $330 million just in itself.  London appears to have a tough time keeping up with its predecessor, of that there can be no doubt.

Frighteningly, depending on what happens within the global markets after this year’s third quarter announcements…… this Olympics may one day looking back, become to be considered Mankind’s most astonishing, crowning achievement….

That hyperbolic announcement, if true, is scary, but should our global economy collapse into a Great Depression far more epic than the one lasting during the 1930’s, and should a subsequent war consumes all efforts to rise above it……. we may have just witnessed the temporary peak of our species’ achievement.

Achievement peaks fascinate historians.  For there are times throughout History when everything comes together.  Peace, prosperity, technology, the pursuit of knowledge, artistic expansion, caused unsavory negative issues to become fixed instead of ignored.  Egypt’s Middle Kingdom was one, Salomon’s reign during the Old Testament was another,  Byzantium during the Western Europe’s Dark Ages was a third, Elizabethan England in the 1590’s was a fourth, America’s Gilded Age as well as the Roaring Twenties up until the market crashed, could count as well.

During each of those times those within their respective societies, looked around and breathed a sigh of relief.  For there were no pressing problems interfering with living well, and with no challenging battles to fight, the entire realm of society could look around and say to themselves, wow…look at how great we are….

China provided mankind today with just such an opportunity.  And just from a cursory glance it seems that most of Delaware’s blogosphere seems to have missed the occasion.

For within each of those past societies,  once their vigilance stopped, the cracks in the foundation started to appear and increase spread rapidly…..  For two beautiful weeks during the August of 2008, while our eyes looked up to the Olympic Flame soaring above the Birds Nest Stadium, raising the marvel and future aspirations of all Mankind,  those cracks of ruin were racing across the globe underneath our feet at lightning speed.