Today there was much talk around the blogosphere of establishing an alternative form of media which provides the real news, which the powerful find  too embarassing to be published in  News Journal.  Gannett, by the way, has announced laying off 1000 more people…  As paper’s die, blogs grow.

Here is a stream of consciousness writing by one of our frequent commentators: Call It.

Here is the line: I feel that those here in the Delaware blogosphere would do Delawareans a service to provide a well thought out and well examined take on stories breaking locally. We need to separate ourselves from the main news sources, just like Showtime does from the main entertainment channels, and challenge our viewers to a more sophisticated way of looking at the world.

Then in a comment stream on Northington’s blog, I still remember a time when journalists posed tough questions and tackled issues of importance rather than pandering to the rich and powerful. We need a return to accountability and responsibility in our nation today.

This came as a response. I think journalists need to band together and form their own papers. The Old Guard has to be challenged.

And this from a letter to Steve Newton of Delaware Libertarian:

Finally, our nation – and especially the national media – needs to witness an avalanche of support made possible by a dedicated group of Americans who truly love liberty and will fight to get it back.

Being hit by three similar snippets on three separate blogs, from a logical frame means nothing. After all I have flipped a coin with heads three times in a row. But on an emotional frame, if one connects the dots, it appears that the emphasis on truth has left the mainstream media…..

Now I’m not naive enough to believe old newsmen never lied…. But today, it would be acceptable to say today’s version never tell the truth. Instead, they “present” sides.

I was just reading a local paper’s coverage on Watergate back in ’74, and realized that when people read those stories, (perhaps with Elvis playing in the background), they felt they were getting the truth. That refreshing feeling is found today only from international press.. Why? My guess is that since this is not their country, and because they have the dubious distinction of explaining our abnormalities to their citizens back home,….. they write what actually happens…. Not as I am afraid every American paper today is guilty of……writing what they want to happen…..

Were I a Gannet newspaper based out of Basin Road, New Castle, anxious to get readership back in tow, I would enlist a blogger to write a daily column for them. Offer No charge and guarantee no editorial control….

Suddenly, not knowing what to expect…. might make reading a newspaper fun again……