Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

First from Kilroy, a former Republican but more of a man than either I or that Republican running for Lieutenant Governor….Here, from the eye of Kilroy:

courtesy of Kilroy from Lee & Copeland’s Night In Paris

courtesy of Kilroy from Dr. Copeland Snubs Red Clay Students

courtesy of Kilroy from Minner’s and Copeland’s Last Dance

courtesy of Kilroy from Maverick (Lee) and Goose (Copeland) Grounded

So what’s up, you might wonder? Why is Copeland being touted in many various poses all engendered solely to make one laugh?

The answer is simple really. Occasionally there are people who for whatever unknown reason, just make you want to laugh out loud. Unfortunately for them, there are some of us who will use anything just to make people laugh… So if one takes the two and mixes them together, and then, when that person involved does something really stupid, all one has to do is say his name and the crowd laughs uproariously.

For example……. try as hard as you can not to smile………………Joey Buttafuoco

One can’t help it…With a name like that, he should have been very careful to stay out of the limelight. For once in, he is fair game…..

What is funny about Copeland is his political backwardness… Like the nerdish boys of high school in asking one for a dance, his responses to questions seem rehearsed as if coming from a “How to Ask A Girl to Dance” book instead of coming from himself……Instead of asking, do you want to dance, he strolls up, looks up at the ceiling, and says something like….”The gym lights are real romantic tonight. May i take you onto the dance floor and “cut a rug”?” Egads….

What ticked Kilroy off, was Copeland, member of the Senate Education Committee. (the only committee Senator Copeland specifically requested upon entering the state legislature was the Education Committee, believing that the roots of most of Delaware’s chronic and long-term problems could be best confronted in the way that Delawarean children were educated.) said he did not want to get involved with local problems. Instead, he raises a racket about how prisoners are being treated, calling Gov. Minner and Meconi out for not providing the most basic decencies to our convicted criminals, while letting the schools in his own district languish with no money for the barest necessities…. The trigger I think was Kilroy’s walking into one of Red Clay’s school bathrooms, using the facilities, and then finding there was no soap to wash his hands… He followed the trail upwards, a student told them there never was any soap in that school’s bathrooms, the district office told him that was one of the areas they chose to cut back expenses on…. and Kilroy just transferred that creepy feeling you get when something is on your unwashed hands, over to Charlie Copeland, who vociferously insists that when it comes to education, that we need to cut back on government spending, except of course,whenever he has a chance to blame a Democrat for doing what he continuously proposes. ..but anyway, that is the Copeland that Kilroy knows…..The one whose actions show he doesn’t care……

Not only here, but several other blogs had a word or two about Copeland. Tommywonk in his distinct fashion provides the legal argument as to why Copeland is in the comic spotlight is week…..Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Copeland made the statement somewhere that he supported offshore wind power off Rehoboth, Delaware…. He shouldn’t have done that… I mean its one thing to tell a “little” lie……from a politician we expect that…. but to say you supported Bluewater Wind?…… Tommy breaks it down…

“The problem with that argument is that Charlie Copeland didn’t just oppose the Bluewater PPA; he opposed any PPA. He opposed even requiring Delmarva Power to sit and negotiate a PPA.”

Borrowing from the words of Matt Denn, “Sometimes the facts, hurt,” Tommywonk slams Copeland to the mat with a reminder of Copelsnd’s letter to Russ Larson not to vote in favor of Bluewater Wind; with a reminder of Copeland’s opposing the whole process set up by SB 06; with a reminder of Senator (cut all unnecessary government expenses) Copeland’s complicity in hiring $30,000 Randall Speck to “tear her a new one” in Arnette McRae’s testimony; with a reminder of who voted for Harris McDowell’s draft resolution ordering Larson to vote “no” on the Bluewater Deal…..

And (light chuckle here) we are to believe that Charlie Copeland supported Bluewater Wind……. Truly after this, how can we take anything Copeland says seriously?

Elsewhere on the internet…Delaware Liberal’s “I’m Loving the Bitch Slaps Matt Denn Keeps Laying On Charlie SilverSpoon” carries Mr. Copeland’s assertion that he represents the best of Delaware’s future….to a new extreme. “Senator Copeland has been part of the problem in Dover during his six years as a legislator.” Sort of puts him in the exact same boat as Minner, doesn’t it?

Both Delaware Liberal and Down With Absolutes have some fun with the “Inversion of Website Domain Controversy” …….Delaware Liberal lambastes the News Journal’s reporting skills at their labeling the switch a “mix up” One should ‘mix-up” the domains of delawareonline and the Newark Post and see how trite that really is…

Down With Absolutes tells us how to handle switch voting in the voting booth. If you want to vote for Copeland, pull the Denn handle…. It is unfortunate that he made that plea public, for now the Copeland committee will have an excuse on which to blame their 7% showing come November…….”It certainly wasn’t Charlie’s fault….” I’m sure we’ll hear it….

DWA also carries the links with which good natured Matt responded…Looking for Copeland? Try visiting these links to see what he’s all about…And Nancy’s comment is endearingly…. well… Nancy.

Delaware Liberal rescues a comment made by State Rep. Kowalko regarding his memory of the Charlie Copeland metamorphosis…..

As one who personally attended scores of meetings, hearings and political posturing exercises on the matter, I have said before and I reiterate this point. Charlie Copeland did not support the Off-Shore wind project and in fact, aggressively worked behind the scenes as well as out in the open (occasionally), against it. This is a matter of record and Tom Noyes and Matt Denn are dead on correct.

Delaware Liberal reiterates a point made above by Tommywonk here, and calls out Charlie to be a Liar. (Well, I guess if it is true… it’s acceptable to do say it…. I mean,… the facts really don’t support him….they don’t support him at all…..)

Looking closer, was Delaware’s Brilliantest Blogger, who revisits the News Journal account of Charlie’s defense of using the term that HE -DID- SUPPORT- BLUEWATER- WIND. Quoting the News Journal, he reports:

“Copeland said some bloggers asserted that Sen. Harris McDowell, who chaired the committee, was trying to undermine the agreement.”
No….effin….way? Really? Harris McDowell was trying to undermine the agreement? How can that be? He is Delaware’s “expert” on polar bears renewable energy!

And then…. the fool ….said it……He actually came out….. and said it…

“I think that [Denn] reads too many blogs,” Copeland said.

As compared to what? The modern equivalent of Alice in Wonderland?

So that’s the stupid thing that got this whole thing started…. Joey Buttafuoco……..Charlie Copelsnd……from this point on they are forever linked……

Oh and that was actually the second stupid thing Copeland embraced. To paraphrase the first, it was like this:

Copeland supports drilling crude oil off of Rehoboth…..

I think it would be most appropriate to close by using Charlies own words against himself:

Copeland said. “I think it’s regrettable he’s trying to create an issue and fabricate things that are easily proven wrong.”

Those actions are regrettable, Charlie, but you are totally blaming the wrong person…..

Your worst enemy appears to be your own self. Stop trying so hard, and take some advice from Mahaffie who has slipped in three games of golf since July 26th……