Back when he used to stand for people, Copeland used to have weekly sessions and serve doughnuts.

What would Deluca’s doughnut get together be like, were he ever to have one? Imagine a crowd awaiting him,  filling a certain coffee shop, and in walks Tony DeLuca…..

“Mr Deluca, Mr. Deluca…”
“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you give me an answer on….”
“Senator, Senator…..”

Everyone’s hand is up with a question, clamoring like members of the press for tidbits of information..

The “talk to the hand” hand comes out and the crowd quickly silences, desperate for any forthcoming words of wisdom….  he completes a transaction at the counter cash register, and turns to the crowd…

“Ok, who has the first question”…….   Hands go wild……

“Mr Deluca, Mr. Deluca…”
“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you give me an answer on….”
“Senator, Senator…..”

  The finger points at one.  “Yes, you.” the nod says…..

Mr. Deluca, you negotiated a deal between Delmarva Power and Bluewater Wind…. How do you respond to accusations that instead of saving Delaware’s citizens money on electricity, you, by assisting in the drop from 300MWh down to 200MWh of contracted power….. you actually increase the cost all Delawareans will pay because they will have to pay for the 100MWh of power supplied by expensive fossil fuels..:

Deluca responds:  ” My answer to you is that, what  less than one week from now,… we will be moving forward onto the next step of achieving offshore wind, gathering permits.  We will not be waiting for a court case to decide the issue for us…. Furthermore by dropping 100MWH, Delmarva Power has become a willing partner, and not some unwanted spouse bonded only by a shotgun wedding…..”

“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you give me an answer on your vote to seize weapons under a Delaware State of Emergency …

Deluca speaks. “Your question makes it sound like I voted to allow for the seizure of weapons by our state law enforcement officers were there ever to be a national emergency equal to that of the size of Katrina in New Orleans….. Nothing could be further from the truth….  I voted… and it passed, to change our state’s code so that the state “could NOT” take one’s weapon were an emergency to occur.  In times when our police protection is inadequate, to take one’s sole protection away, violates every citizen’s right to life…….”

“But Senator, Senator…..You voted for… and it passed, Senate Bill 263.  How do you answer criticism that this dumps all the revenue garnered through rate caps, right into the SEU committee chaired by Harris McDowell?? “

Tony retorts: “Yes it does.  But the SEU as it stands today is illegal. It has expired.  In the future the board will be appointed by the governor, divided up accordingly.   It is our intention that the money flowing in will go to help pay for heat to low income families throughout the state of Delaware…as well as help other individuals achieve energy independence with establishing either solar, wind or geothermal generators on their property….  Hopefully Governor Minner will not appoint McDowell.  I’m sort of hoping she chooses me….”

“Mr Deluca, Mr. Deluca…” You voted for full day kindergarten without deciding where money was to come to pay for it…. Do you regret your decision?”

To be honest, yes, I do.  At that time I believed we would grow our way into it… our revenues were climbing, and without raising additional taxes, we could have afforded it…  As you well know, those times are now gone.

“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you tell us why you were the only one who voted no the first time that the Osborne Eminent Domain bill went through the legislature”

“Sure, I knew ahead of time that it would be vetoed and never pass. I did not change my vote. Others changed theirs in order to be on my side…. Many of my constituents will work on that site. I voted to protect their jobs….”

“Senator, Senator…..”: Why are you not in favor of Karen Peterson’s oven government FOIA bills?

He said; “If that bill was in place….I couldn’t do…..what I currently do……. 🙂 That’s enough ladies and gentlemen….It’s been fun. Let’s do this again sometime……Oh, and if you haven’t already done so, make sure you vote on the best written blogs of 2008 so far. The deadline is coming up soon……And now if you don’t mind…..I have to eat my doughnuts. See ya Labor and Lobbyists….”

;”But Mr Deluca, Mr. Deluca…”
“Hey, Tony, Hey Tony, can you give me an answer on….”
“Senator, Senator…..”