Outside the Perimeter
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The idea is similar to that which takes place in the cinema….    Everyone knows the “Oscars“.  They nominate a winner who has dominated the entire year in a certain category, .

Those of us who follow cinema closely know that usually those most recent films in memory, with release dates in either November or December, …..tend to win.   Often when an occasional spring film is entered, bystanders turn, look at each other and exclaim..”that was this year?”

Therefore other judging events cropped up to cover those early winter and spring films, who would otherwise never gain the attention they deserved.

Next year there  WILL be some type of Delaware Blogger’s Convention, and in my humble opinion, Delaware Liberal, which is the centerpiece of our local scene, should be the forum representing  our equivalent of “The Acadamy“.

What was needed I felt, was some type of recognition for the first half of the year, which ends….June 30th.

The entry rules are simple.  First, of all, since it is my contest….I am disqualified.   Second, the post has to be posted between midnight New Years Eve (at crossover) and the close of Delaware’s Legislative Session.  Third, and finally, the posts have to be considered “well written”,  “quirky”, ” evocative of some type of emotion” and be “genuine”……   By that last word, “genuine”,  we should all be able to read the post blind, and say…..”I know who that is.”

If I am not mistaken, I have made the rules general enough so that they include all of the blogosphere, and no one other than myself is disqualified……

Since this is the first one, I have taken the liberty to perform the nomination process myself. Mainly to get this right, I wanted to read each of your archives, so that this could be an inclusive best of the best for the first half of the year.   I will nominate 5 in each category and then voting will begin…   The voting will be open to those regularly browsing the Delaware Blogosphere.

During the last contest, many made their nominations out loud.  That may have swayed several, and whereas that is certainly a valid method of campaigning for a win, in this case, I would like the actual “stars” or “celebrities”  to be the “works” themselves…..

Therefore, like the academy, the votes will be secret.  We all have to live with each other and I don’t want someone’s ruffled feathers denying someone else the “accolades of excellence”.

Here is the novel method of choosing the winners. After reading (I would recommend one category a day, seriously to avoid burnout), and choosing a winner in each category, drop your ballot anonymously in the comment line below. If everyone would use “anon” when they log on, that would keep all choices anonymous, yet still public so that anyone checking in periodically will know how the votes line up. I of course will monitor and delete any duplicate I P ‘s. This way, the entire process can be open to scrutiny, but allow someone to vote judiciously and in secret.

When you type in your ballot, use this format: A,B,C,D,E,A,B,C,D. in the order that they appear on the blog.

Just keep in mind that we are voting to show the world that Delaware Bloggers are among the best.  Our choices may be the only evidence the rest of the world sees, before coming to that same conclusion.

Voting begins on Bastille Day at midnight (Vive La France).    And the winner will be posted and announced on August 1st, at midnight….

It should be fun.

Let the games begin…..

And the categories are:

Delaware Wind and Energy

A.) Buying Power

B.) The Answer is Still Blowin’ In the Wind…

C.) Wind Power is the Ethical Choice

D.) Time To Invest In Delaware First

E.) The State Senate to Hold Hearings on Doing Something Else

Delaware’s General Assembly and/or Governor

A.) Never Have So Few Done So Much To Thwart The Will Of So Many

B.) Report from the SEU Meeting

C.) Harris McDowell is using public office for personal gain – The Smoking Gun

D.) UPDATED: DNREC’s Blatant Disregard For People, Aquatic Life And The Environment Leaves ME Speechless

E.) How to buy a state contract

Delaware’s “Science Prophet”

A.) The Environmental Impact of Meat

B.) UMC on Intelligent Design

C.) Unfortunately, not quite in time for Giordano Bruno…

D.) Pat Gearity Writes:

E.) The Night Sky

Delaware’s Life and Hardships

A.) 4,000 Commas

B.) The Ever Duplicitous Senator Thurman Adams

C.) Again: P-A-R-E-N-T-I-N-G

D.)The History of the Delaware GOP’s Broken Promise on Senate Bill 4

E.) Christine’s Lesson in Insignificance

Delaware: The Human Equation

A.) So….the autism thing

B.) A Different Kind o Memory of Martin Luther King

C.) Congratulations, Lady Ravens

D.) This is very strange …

E.) Their Milkshake is Better Than Yours

Delaware’s Best Original Blog Photo

A.) Tombstone on the Florida Interstate

B.) Live Red Clay Board Cam

C.) Uselessness

D.) 99,999 … and …100,000

E.) Germans Poking Fun at US Pols

Delaware’s Educational Opportunities

A.) Red Clay Object Codes Now On Line

B.) Elementary-aged Girls (GASP) Like Math And Science Best

C.) Fixing High Poverty Schools ??????

D.) The First Debate: Education

E.) Paid To Study

Delaware’s Funniest “Humor Posting”

A.) Father/daughter blogging the Markell-Carney Education Debate

B.) C.R.A.M


D.) If ABC Had Moderated the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

E.) Bloggers Continue to Get Choice Political Posts

Delaware’s Most Original (Any Category)

A.) 10 Things I Love About Drinking Liberally

B.) WPVI-TV’s 6 ABC Action News On Mat Marshall

C.) Delaware Blogging in 2007

D.) Observations on Iowa

E.)  Quarantine 2008 has ended