There's no Ampersand Between Mineral and Mining!
Photo courtesy of Mars Candies and Sugarstand,

The Interior Department Division of Mining and Minerals, the department given charge of Federally regulating alternative energy sources off the Continental Shelf, released their regulations just minutes before the Delaware PSC met to determine the outcome of Bluewater Wind.

Announced by Bluewater Wind at the meeting, and minutes later scooped on the Rick Jensen show, this alleviates one of the holding blocks that before the agreement transpired in Deluca’s office, would have cast doubts on Bluewater’s ability to deliver the power when scheduled.

With this announcement, that no longer is a problem…..

As we speak, energy gurus are pouring over the four hundred sixty page document,

Obviously we will hear the details little by little over a long period of time….

(As for the title and picture, I was hungry and MMS reminded me of the best candy EVER!)