With the hot summer here, for fun, I thought we could run a trivial feature from time to time… Trivial as pertaining to “trivia.’

I was inspired by seeing how Allan Loudell performs this function so adequately at popular events, most recently at the St. Anthony’s Italian Festival, and so I thought perhaps that with today’s sources, one could create a vague enough sketch, thereby making it fun with the use of search engines, to take a stab a guessing who this “prominent” Delawarean is……

So here it goes….

“My dad served in the Delaware House…. My great-grandfather served in both the Delaware House and Senate. Our family gained prominence by selling tomatoes and corn to the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company…. My great, great, great, grandfather received a commendation in 1867 for serving in the Union Army during the Civil War…”

That’s all you get……

So who’s dis?