Your Tax Dollars at Work Bethany Beach
Photo: Jennifer Wheatley c/o DNREC

On the day of the storm, the same one that washed ashore the Bluewater research vessel, the Corp of Engineers was scheduled to turn over Bethany Beach replenishment as a fait accompli….

They can’t do it now….

The entire operation, was washed out to sea. Almost as if “Someone” was trying to tell us that spending tax dollars there………was truly a waste of money….

Unfortunately, the actual beach area at Bethany today is quite small at high tide. Water comes right up to the dune. It was rather comical to see sunbathers lying down almost in a vertical position, to enjoy the ocean view…..

Some of the areas are considered dangerous. A dune washed away at its base could collapse and bury a nonchalant walking by…..

Could that money have been better spent? It is hard to say….for had that storm hit without the buffer that the new sand had provided, the town could have been eaten away instead………………….

The Corp of Engineers is still responsible for completing the project. Of cousre they will need another earmark to pay for it……

I can hear the land lubber states complaining about throwing money into the ocean ….right about .now…..

I say fix the damn thing, and repeal the Bush tax cuts going to the top 1% to pay for it…….. I know some people in Sussex County will arbitrarily disagree….but big government IS A GOOD THING. Imagine if Bethany had bonded our the project and had it done by themselves? Stuck they would be……and that is exactly the problem with the philosophy that says trim government down to nothng……..

After the storm of this destructive administration has passed, we can see that perhaps taxing the rich a tiny bit, is a damn good idea after all.
High Tide  Right Up To The Dune Bethany Beach
photo by xzmattzx