Hillary says that her husband did not seal up the race until the California primary in June.

That does not bear scrutiny. Clinton was 900 votes ahead of his dogged “Hillary” contender, Jerry Brown, as he moved into the California primary.

Although he officially reached the delegate number that officially put him over the top with the June California primary, Bill Clinton had been the unofficial winner since the March Super Tuesday blowout……

The same argument could be used to say this year’s Republican contest was volatile until it was decided on March 4. But to those of us who lived it, we know it was decided much, much earlier.

One additional side point. The other example used by Hillary to defend her scorched earth policy, is the Bobby Kennedy candidacy. That year, 1968, did not bode well for the Democrats either by the time November came around……Just four years after the Goldwater fiasco, a previously kicked around Republican gets sworn into the White House, and gets re-elected only to be removed by his own self-doing.