There is a rap song going around the youth today and its source is nebulous. If someone steers me in the right direction, I will be glad to give them credit.

It goes like this:

‘I heard it from your mama…..
You might vote for Obama……
They’ll lock you in the sauna……
For smokin’ marijuana………”

Tommywonk writes along the same lines tonight…..

This idea came to me and I was told today to send it to the Obama campaign in an effort to get us to better America when the time comes…

It’s not just Obama who is having difficulty with this crowd. Bill Clinton himself, who Hillary holds up in West Virginia as the new wave of the future, was booed by a similar crowd at Darlington Race Track very early in his tenure…..

Here is how I would advise it’s being handled by the next Democratic nominee……

I’ll use West Virginia as the example, even thought it’s time has past….And my underlying premise for taking this tack is that real leaders don’t follow polls, they take actions and the polls follow the results of those actions…..

(Also because I know West Virginia heavily influenced Robert Kennedy forever after he campaigned through it in 1960. His fight against poverty was distilled from his West Virginian experience.)

Here is what needs to happen. The Obama camp randomly picks a hollow preferably in “hostile” territory and the county blocks all subsequent access up the entrance road. Only the candidate and security detachment are allowed to continue. With no press, no camera’s except those owned by the citizens, he has an open town meeting…..There is no grandstanding. He listens, he answers questions, he asks questions……real questions that need to be heard……’What do you need a president to do for you? What do you need the most, and how fast do you need it….”

Acknowledge to them that they are suspicious of him….Admit he can’t really blame them…..Have a long meeting, tour their houses, ask them how on earth they get by…..get to know them as real people…..It shouldn’t be hard. There are a large number of similarities between those living in poverty on Chicago South Side projects, and those living in poverty off a strip mined hillside…It’s amazing how similar people actually can be when they lack those items they need to survive……

Then say goodbye, shake hands, give your hugs, and split…..Open the gates and let the press flow upstream to get their interviews, and buy permission to print the local’s photographs….

What Obama says by doing this, is this: “I know you are often put down by others outside your area. But know this…..I respect you……You are better people than I…….I would be proud to help you get through these next four years…”

These people are joked about on national television. They’ve never gotten any respect. Until now….

The bottom line is this. As of right now, Obama has a problem among the working class. He needs to fix it…He doesn’t need to win any more delegates, they will come, but what he does need to do, is fix this misperception. Doing so in a state where he is expected to lose, would go a long way to overturn the media’s perception of how he is perceived.

Obama at His Best