Thanks to the campaign of Obama, we are listening again to voices that are quite different from what we are used to hearing on our corporate media.

What he says does not fit within the narrow guidelines dictated by the likes of Disney Inc.

Therefore, we hear only one side of this important discussion. It is up to the blogs to carry the other half.

Al Mascitti should be blamed for this post. It was through his show this morning that the nucleus of this post was formed. If you missed the show it can be summarized with two brief points. One: was his acknowledgment that Wright’s comments, were exactly the same often expressed on his show by quite of few of his callers. Two: when someone who was “outraged” by Wright tried to defend their hatred for the man and his race, they couldn’t. Under Al’s questioning, their argument boiled down to one thing: he insults “white” people.

That is a factual untruth. The problem with the “right” controversy lies not in what the Reverend Wright says, ……the problem lies between the two ears of those who fail to understand.

I agree with Wright. Although I’m sure there may be areas that our thoughts may differ, he has been saying nothing different than any of us on this media, have not said before. That blanket includes those who consider themselves to serve the “right” but as we all know, because they are all free thinkers, they tend to break from the position papers that are spoon fed to the “right’s” hypnotized zombies, and when logic dictates that truth be told, Delaware’s “right” often takes courageous action and differentiates themselves from the stupidity dripping out of “right” wing (please don’t) think-tanks……

The real problem is in “definition” and in America’s suspicion of “those who are different”, and the fact that Hillary and Republicans are fanning the flames.

They have to. Ironically they have no hope against Obama, but to drive wedges between those members who support him. Obama represents what America CAN BE. Both McCain and Hillary represent what America once was….

If one is to put his finger on the button that pushes this controversy forward, it is that Mr. Right tells the truth, and those who oppose his voice, are scared to death that the truth will come out.

That includes the Hillary supporter and the Republican supporter who battled Al Mascitti on the Delaware blog scene over this past weekend. Neither were able to support their vision with facts. It was only their “opinion” . Well, if I could be so bold, the sole reason this country is in such a mess, it that everyone has an opinion, I as well as you, and we waste too much time chasing “opinions” without trying to research and determine if there is a factual basis to those opinions to begin with.

The facts are solidly on Mr. Right’s side. You can disagree with the man for whatever reason you choose. But that means that you have never listened to the full service. You can hear him speak with Bill Moyers here, and today’s NPR address here. Then you issue your apology.

We did go to war and sacrifice 4,000 Americans to make Cheney rich. If you disagree, prove it otherwise. You can’t.

We did mortgage our children’s future to the tune of $30,000 for each child, in order to give the top 1% a most bountiful harvest of riches beyond their wildest dreams. if you disagree, prove it otherwise. You can’t.

We did cause our planet irreparable harm, by wiping out the excellent controls established over thirty years, to control our air pollution, water pollution, and the quality of objects we buy……. If you disagree…prove it otherwise. You can’t.

But what you CAN prove by attacking Mr. Right,………is that you are supporting Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.

I am becoming more and more convinced that anyone who attacks Mr. Right, would find themselves on the same side as the Pharisees if they themselves were investigating a controversial figure two thousand years ago. Its the same argument, just different times.

The only reason for insisting that Mr. Right is wrong, is that those forces of evil, are too wrong to reason with Wright.

If anyone was looking for another Martin Luther King, I think they may have found one. Truth is always necessary. Sometimes it needs to be given without a sugar coating.