Twenty-five minutes north of us, a speech whose parts will be repeated by school children everywhere throughout this century, was given in Philadelphia, yesterday.

Despite ones political inclinations, it approached a touchy subject with depth and understanding. Obama provided the depth; we absorbed the understanding. Some critic’s called it Lincolnesque. One commentator likened it to Roosevelt’s fireside chats. I waited until after Hillary Clinton listened in, before I got time to watch and read it in its entirety.

Those who follow my writings, know I too have had some apprehensions about this candidate. They know well that I do not doubt his sincerity; just that I’m hesitant about his “handling” of Washington… But Lincoln was criticized for his lack of sophistication on how things were done in Washington. Truman was pilloried for bringing quaint Missouri into spotlight of the nation’s capital. Neither of these two men had any experience in running a country, and they did fine.

It was seeing Obama deal with a potentially catastrophic dilemma to his campaign, in an calm, effortless, manner, condemning the actions, yet supportive of the person, that made me comfortable. It has been seven years since I have been comfortable listening to a President speak. We face very trying times Having someone who can relate to America in a voice Americans hear, may be the only thing that keeps us together should the worst befall, and we find our country on its knees with the final count progressing.

Then, only a President, calling out through the fog….”Get up….Get up…..Get up” can cause us to refocus our thoughts, pull ourselves up on our legs, and continue to survive the blows…..”

I, at this point in time, do not see any other candidate capable of accomplishing as much, when the need arrives.

His critics have valid points: but sometimes being right is only part of the equation……Sometimes what matter more……is being real.