In Lord of the Rings, the Rangers were the first lines of defense in fighting the Nazguls and the Lord of Darkness. Delaware’s Aragorn speaks:

I am asking, (begging) every Delawarean to contact his/her own legislator and every other legislator in the state to demand they support the signing of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). We are elected as STATE LEGISLATORS responsible to all citizens and families of Delaware. There is no real or imagined borders separating your rights or interests from those of your neighbors. You are entitled to that representation from all General Assembly members and you have the power and right of the ballot. Every public servant is elected as just that a SERVANT OF THE PUBLIC’S INTEREST. Please post this anywhere it will be noticed.
Thank you,
John Kowalko

DELAWARE STATE Representative

Phone List of the House Majority:

Phone List of the House Minority:

Phone List of all Senators.