My friends on the right are prone to argue the Minner administration has been a failure. But looking at the big picture, I see many problems suffered quietly during the last twenty years, are receiving solutions.

Everyone always wants more. But……according to the Pew Foundation compilations, Delaware ranked fourth as the best run state in the Union.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Pew organization, they are the ones who usually issue the reports we hear about how much money is wasted in government, and calculate when we reach Tax Free Day.

So despite the financial hardships trouncing Delaware the last eight years, compared to everyone else……we have done alright.

The Federal Government, however, has fared less well during the same timeframe.

Since it is election time, it would only be fair to point out that Delaware is almost all Democrat and is run according to Democratic principals.

The Federal Government has been run by Republican principal. For during the time frame that all the damage was done……all three branches were Republican controlled. They made their bed on this one…..There is no one else to blame but their own philosophy.

So when voting, try to remember the disparity between the fourth best state in the union, and the worst run Federal Government…..ever.

Then make your choice.