Outside the Perimeter
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This is tougher to find these days…. Politics of inclusion. By definition, the campaign of inclusion has its eyes set for the future. It states in clear concise terms what its goals will be and then sets dates for those goals to be reached……

An example: by 2014 I want to turn over to Congress a yearly budget that has no red ink. (meaning it is balanced). If that is the goal you want, you climb aboard. If not, you let the train pass by…..knowing all the while you will benefit as well if that goal is achieved.

One of the better examples of the politics of inclusion was seen in a speech today, in Madison Wisconsin, by Ms. Michelle Obama. A random selection of passersby stood mesmerized in front of the HD flat screen showing the event. I too was taken in by her words and was surprised at the effect her words had on those who watched. She said nothing bad about Hillary, nor McCain, nor Bush. It was amazing to watch how she navigated through her speech without doing so, especially in front of a crowd that disliked all three. I couldn’t shake the idea that such a great person has to get into the White House, even if as a spouse. Somehow if that could just happen, the winter would pass and a new spring begin…….Yeah…..it was that good.

it was good because she talked about herself, her husband, and their plan for the future. Much of their popularity can be construed to the fact that to most politicos, their approach is quite novel. To those who have been around the Bush, their performance reminded one of politics like it used to be……way before television……….back when giants ruled…….

My vote for most inclusive Politico of the Delawarean blogosphere, would have to go to this person. This week at least, saw double duty as another media carried her vision across the Delmarva peninsula. No Al Mascitti is this one. We have yet to hear a rant coming from someone hiding behind the name “Curmudgeon.” Who else would have the balls to publish this quote: “It’s only when the tide goes out that you find who has been swimming naked.” But good quotes seem to run in her family: ‘And if you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.’ ” and the story behind it.

Another inclusive blogger on the local front would be Tommywonk. Being Republican or Democrat has little relevence as long as one is for wind……and who wouldn’t be, if they knew all the facts?
He has been busy battling the evil Zorg from Delmarva, forming his truth squad 1, 2, and 3 so far.

Donvitti seems to have been lulled into the politics of inclusion. The lion shall lie down with the lamb. I will let the readers ponder who is which after reading both posts…. A far cry from this.
We look forward to more examples of “beer therapy” Actually Drinking liberally is coming up, when? But that cuts out half of the fun crowd. A better tradition would be served by having an informal “Delaware Drunk Bloggers” session, open to all…..The combination of beer, politics, discussion, and witty repartee, covering both sides of discussion, would be intriguing. I believe the last time it was tried was around 1775, by a guy named Samuel Adams in British controlled Boston. Who knows what might happen if we try it here?

Imagine linking Mike Castle and Jason330 in a post about the politics of inclusion. Hard to believe? But a perfect example of blogging without editorializing was done yesterday just that way. Composed of facts, links, and time for the viewer to make up his/her own mind. In the end we understand that Mike Castle is running away from Bush like General Lee being chased by Knight Rider

Mike got his first golf game in. See Global warming is a good thing…..Where did all our snow go this winter? As Nancy points out, it apparently went to China.

Nancy also informs us of a meeting regarding Bluewater wind. With two speakers, one from Delmarva and the other from Bluewater Wind, one can listen to both and make up their mind. Just listen critically, bring questions. The meeting is at the New Castle Public Safety Building, the old county police headquarters on Rt 13, Tuesday night at 7:00.

Although one could not call it inclusion, Dana and Steve at Delaware Watch have traced down Tony DeLuca‘s involvement in killing Bluewater Wind. Et tu Brute? Hat’s off. It was a good job nailing down that one’s motive. Anyone in the 11th district want to blow him out of the water? A lot of people will pay to have him gone…….even if he does sing Italian love songs…..Perhaps he should be singing to corporations this song: “you can get anything you want, at Tony D’s Restaurant.

In another scoop, Dana has the first photo in recent memory of Tommy Noyes. If you do not yet know who that is,……you need to read more…………

Soon Delaware will see the properties of inclusion in action. Running for the Newark city Council is a young man not put off by politics. Down with Absolutes has the plea. No doubt his opposition will run as exclusive a campaign as his will be inclusive. Send help.

Kilroy threw in the bloggers towel last Wednesday. But fortunately his tests went well so he is still at it. Remember, it is a miracle that we are even here. One’s health is most precious, trumped only by the health of one’w loved ones……He too expects to show up in a different media.

Merit Bound Alley has a piece on the MSM’s infatuation with Obama. I have reported on the MSM’s “dis” of Biden. Joe M writes that the MSM favors Obama in their coverage. I believe I now know why. If one was a reporter confined to hotel rooms and a bus, going through the usual campaign assignments by rote, one would sense that this Obama campaign was fundamentally different.

Merit Bound Alley has also made the jump to being a .Net. No longer WordPress, it is Meritboundalley.net.

Finally Hube has a different take on the same Michelle Obama’s message. He seems to sigh over her admission that for the first time in her life she is proud of her country…….I think she has a point. Not since Kennedy passed has there been a President in the White House who made us proud to be Americans. Some felt that way about Reagan, many didn’t. Many felt that way about Clinton, some didn’t. One person felt that way about Bush, but he is soon moving to Dubai when his term ends…..so he doesn’t count. But someone with Michelle Obama’s perspective, especially after watching youth become engaged for the first time, it must be a “real” win to see them leave their video games at home in order to take in the sensations of the “Politics of Inclusion, ”