Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

One of the more interesting byproducts of the past SuperTuesday election, was that right winged blogs suddenly became interesting. Of course Democrats went throught the same thing in 04, but it is, nevertherless interesting to see it on the other side. First off, after Mitts disappointed showing, the Dave Burris /Mike Protack debate is off. Whereas both John McCain and Mike Protack were given up for dead as early as just last Thanksgiving, both seem to have locks and appear unchallengable for thier party’s top slot. One can feel the love and goodwill over at FSP.

Suddenly, in a large part caused by America’s repudiation of everything Conservative, Republican blogs have become worthy of study. In a struggle to find identty, deep self inspection is a valid first step. There are of course missteps, but even those can be interesting and helpful in gathering a larger perspective.

And that large perspective is that even among Conservative voters, ie the Republican Party, more then half of THOSE voted against the brand of Conservatism that Romney and Huckabee had to offer. Evenwhen added together, they still can’t beat McCain. Republicans of good standing should take note that this old brand of conservatism, when ranked within the general population, ranks slightly below the level achieved by followers of Chairman Mao. It is quite interesting to marvel at their awareness, as if they one day realizied that their “bell-bottom” pants did indeed look stupid, as they see the true results of America’s repudiation for the first time unfiltered by means of Diebold machines.

Always willing ot help a friend, Dana and Steve, at Delaware Watch have offered to help with their debriefing. Imagine their shock as they come to and see their full impact on the deficit and our children’s future prosperity for the first time.

Their shock continues as they see the vast levels of their ineptness and incompetence. Shirley has proof here showing, albeit tongue in cheek, lapses in our “Homeland” security And as if right on cue, McCain shows he understands the playing field is free of biased talkshow referees, by picking Ron Paul’s economic advisor, as his financial geru. As one of the links in that past link alludes, Ron Paul IS THE NEW RONALD REAGAN. Some of you may of course differ with that assessment, but then again, some of you out there are still supporting Chairman Mao as well; so go figure.

Democrats are not off the hook, however. In a preview of the nastiness that will eventually occur in Delaware’s upcoming gubnatorial primary battle, Hillary and Obama are trying to take the high road and battle each other by proxies… As Republican’s ponder the role of the Conservative while standing in the mess Conservatives have made wieh their boots muddy,  Democrats will be pitting Women against Blacks. Expect the scabs on old wounds (1980’s) to be knocked off as America re-discusses things like “glass ceilings” and “race baiting” which many of us thought were healed in the nineties during times of “real” prosperity. These old antagonisms will be hauled out in large volume, if for no other reason, than to show that the candidates themselves are above such levels of insidiousness. Time to set your e-mail Spam levels on high if you don’t have them set so already.

But all politics are local, as a look towards Nancy and Tommywonk will attest. On Thursday Harris had his first “I don’t want wind” meeting. By a parliamentary move, Tommywonk was allowed to speak (McDowell so wanted him silenced) and Nancy gives us Freida’s statement here. Nancy also give us John Flaherty’s take on HCR 40, which will attempt to take on the of spread Bluewater’s cost to all Delawareans. Frankly I am surprised by his endorsement since it seems this bill is destined to spend its summer in Adam’s drawer, to see daylight only when that desk’s new owner pulls on the handle again next January. The entire Bluewater deal will remain on standby until this issue is finally resolved (which it won’t). Without the HC 40 deal-killer we can move forward as is, and later change the payment plan in the future in the same fashion as we are attempting to do now. Instead of this worrying how to spread the benefits, it would be wiser if we focused on Delaware’s future, it’s own economic survival, and not let the hub of offshore wind, escape across the bay to Southwest Jersey, thereby earning THEIR state revenues, bringing money to tHEIR local economies, giving THEIR citizens new high paying jobs, and meanwhile here in Delware we continue to pay Delmarva the highest cost possible for our electricity.

Kilroy’s Delaware has a bulldog’s grip on the Red Clay School distirict and won’t let go. Personell changes mey be in the offing. But if you want to do something directly for the betterment of education, donate money to Red Clay District. With Kilroy watching, we know your money will be well spent.

Merit Bound Alley has moved. Here is the old site. Here is the new. M Ba is gradually becoming our science guy.

Perhaps he can explain some of the strange stuff going on at Pencader Days

Steve at Delaware Libertarian has a European smackdown. Mahaffee has the lowdown of what is like to “sit in the corner.” Mathews (Delaware has lots of Mikes so be careful what you say) picks up off the New Journal‘s lead story and challenges Dave Burris ot take on Nancy Wagner as he did scofflaw John Atkins. For those that missed it, Nancy’s take on Delaware Government is that it should be a goverment “for the Nancy, by the Nancy, and of the Nancy.”

Hube comments on Mike Matthew’s posting on the “pimping” of Chelsea Clinton, and the fallout that arose from an out of context statement. Keep in mind it is taking place on both sides. Montel was fired by FOX  for saying the war and this administration  were stupid.

It looks as if “free speech” is dead. Compared to campaign literature written in the first election between Jefferson and Adams, today’s outbursts are nothing.  Free speech? This is corporate speech we are dealing with today. It’s ok to say anything one wants if it makes money. But if it costs money, ie lawsuit, oh heaven forbid!

One of the best written posts I have read in forty days appeared on Hube’s Weasel Watch. It involves the right to fly the confederate flag. That should be an interesting read for a certain firehall in Sussex County.

Overall there is some reassurance in all of this. For as long as Americans remaing skeptical about their government, local government in paricular, we will be allright. It is only when the silence of apathy dampens our voices of criticism, do we have much to worry about. There will always be a watchful Liberal balanced by a wily Conservative, even if both are going under different names. It is through this conflict that good ideas are forged, and the bad ones are discarded.

What we are witnessing is the rapid discardment of “bad ideas.”