Often after scouring thorough the “usual suspects” I need to find something different. There are two blogs that I highly recommend for Delawareans.

The first is Mike Mahaffee’s Mike’s Musings which with the aptness of quick shutter release, often shows sides of Delaware taken for granted. In the process we come to feel we share some of his life as well. But what is more of a historical interest is his quixotic nature of cataloging the images of things we see daily and by doing so, we take a quick look at a broad spectrum of views that only someone dedicated to the proposition that the topic was important, would otherwise study.

For example, what were Delaware’s beaches like at the cusp of Global Warming? Mike has the evidence here.

(Historians: notice you can still see all of the lighthouse, and New Jersey in the background.) Or if one were someday to question their parents, “Was it true in your time, that people really didn’t go to the beach in November because it was too cold?” well, the evidence is here.

(How odd; it’s sunny and no one is laying out on the beach) And finally were one to be beset with the question someday, “Dad, is it true that there were once beaches, like where people could swim, in Delaware?” we would have the proof: here

In each of these cases, those of us with memories can, for as long as that site is available, still reminisce about our own experiences in what once was known as the “first state”. Soon, from the looks of all the evidence, we will be known as the “First State” to go underwater, unless Florida takes that distinction away from us…

The other site of note is Duffy’s Pencader Days Although occasionally as does Mike Mahaffee, some commentary on the political scene is covered, most of the blog is devoted to the personal attribute of what it takes to survive in Delaware today. Sometimes its the distractions that make life itself worthwhile, and Duffy has some of the best on the net. What is interesting about Duffy’s list of distractions, is that they have to be rather awe inspiring just to get on Duffy’s list.

The distraction that was totally awesome to this history buff, was titled “The Civil War in Four and a Half Minutes.” Unfortunately the link has been taken down, and I am guessing that was done for the simple fact that someone could capitalize on the popularity of that item.

Here is a link about the making of that video, however. This link answered my question as I watched it, on just how accurate some of the lesser known perimeters of the Confederacy were. From this link, apparently they were quite accurate. Hopefully the link will be back up, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Every High School American History Teacher should show that clip before their class begins to study the Civil War…….

But Duffy also shows us the everyday trauma of just coping in this state of ours. From sick children to insomnia, from soccer maniacs to bosses miles away, he portrays the futility, and yet the will to struggle on. After reading his post on dealing with sickness, and the new medication prescribed for one of his children, his resiliency has become legendary, at least in these circles. There have been two incidents just this past week, of being presented with stomach turning situations that truly needed to be addressed, that after asking myself, “what would Duffy do”, I have dived in and moved on….yes, I too survived.

We are lucky to have two such bloggers among our company.