Naturally one should expect the two most divisive divisions of America to surface during a heated campaign. What is fascinating is that these virulent battles are taking place within the parties, and not between them.

Race as sometimes been a public issue, such as when John McCain first ran in South Carolina, but rarely has it grabbed headlines like it has this week. Likewise religious controversies have been a constant source of friction between the far right and far left, but never within the confines of the Republican party. Republicans were supposed to protect religion against everything Satanic.

WTF is going on?

Has America finally come to its senses and decided to tackle race and religion, the last two divisive issues facing us, that up to this point and since the beginning of man have never been completely reconciled? Have we therefore already resolved the issues that predominated the last election cycle: what was it…….gays and marriage? Or the cycle before that back in 2000,….. morality versus competence? Since we are on this topic now, it must have come to pass that we solved those problems then, although I confess I must have been preoccupied, since I seem to have missed all the hoopla and fanfare that came with their resolution…………………

Just to give one an idea of how this has exploded, I used to have a spot on page 2 if one dared google Obama Hillary. In less than one week it has been pushed back to I-don’t-know-where…….I couldn’t find it…….Such is the explosion of commentary that this controversy has spawned.

What caused it?

Nothing really. Hillary was trying to maintain her lead among black women, who feel she has the best shot at winning, by stating that Martin Luther King talked, but it was Lyndon Johnson who did the walk. If any of you have heard Jack Valenti‘s reminiscences of those days in the Johnson White House, Johnson twisted a lot of arms to make that happen. Yes, it may not have happened had MLK not been outspoken, but it definitely would not have happened if someone other than Johnson, a backwoods white Southerner, been in office instead. It was Johnson’s persuasion coming from inside the mentality of the Bible belt, that provided enough votes to make the law.

So Hillary is innocent…….Let’s move on.

Obama, who due to the color of his skin, obviously got some heat from his supporters who only heard, or thought they heard, or heard it from someone who thought they heard, that Hillary had put down MLK. And Obama casually made the statement that Hillary’s comment had offended some people.

Of course it did. The fault lies not with Hillary. It lies with those people who were too lazy to find out what was actually said and took someone else’s assessment and embellished to the point that their adrenalin kicked in! I could have made the same statement as Obama, because I know people like that, regardless of skin color.

Should Obama have kept silent then, and not brought it up?

No! He is in the middle of a campaign. His job, his goal, is to try to splinter some of the oppositions supporters over to his side. If he lies, to do so, that is an unpardonable sin. But to tell a truthhood, ….well……like it or not, that is what politics is!

Next Hillary on Meet the Press accuses Obama of using her comment to drive Blacks from her campaign. Should she have kept quiet?

No, she too is in the middle of a campaign. Long-term supporters are leaving camp and she needs to console them to stay. Shedding light on why and what is happening, is the best way to stem the damage. Again, if she lies, that is abominable. But to be maligned for telling the truth……..that is politics, and her job is to win.

Last I heard…..Obama had called a truce…..Hopefully to focus on more important issues.

So why did this happen?

It can be explained by a theme common in small towns that played itself out from the beginning of man. Shakespeare as well as 60’s and 70’s television shoes used the same plot line.

That is where a busy body, listening in to conversations to obtain gossip, mishears something and creates a victim by telling that person what they thought they heard. The victim, naturally angry, fires back a salvo which this person then takes to the innocent perpetrator, who in turn becomes angry thinking he has become the victim of an unprovoked attack.

Our thirty minutes of entertainment are taken up by stringing us along on how the reconciliation will eventually occur.

Today, the busybody is our press. Our press is not content to report the news. They feel that they should make the news.

Words are duplicitous instruments. They can sometimes have two nuances of meaning. And when one then strings several of these words together, those nuances can pile up and and give different interpretations of meaning. As one example, the word “clean” has a good meaning……and now we know, a bad meaning….

Because of something called the “speed of light”, something said in Los Angeles, can be seen in New York before a breath is taken after the end of the original sentence. Bottom line? The media acting as Ms. Busybody has people looking for anything to create a fight!

“Hello, this is Brian in New York. Hillary just said “Blah, blah.” This is good. Get your camera man, we need his reaction in real time, can you get to him in two minutes?”

Two minutes later.

Got it….here it comes… should work, can you fire it back on Hillary…….

And so on.

Meanwhile the deficit clock speeds up out of control. Meanwhile a cell phone sets off an IED under a Humvee, killing 9. Meanwhile, enough fresh water to supply greater Los Angeles for a day, flows out of just one of the hundred thousand little lakes scattered across Greenland’s ice cap, and plunges into the sea.

And all our entire press can talk about, is “He said, She said…..” Now can you get a glimmer of understanding as to why the rest of the world doesn’t really like America, not the one of old, but the one that stands today?

As once proud Americans, it should disgust us. Really!

As for salvation, all I can say is thank heavens for the blogs. Everything I have learned this past year has come from them.

Today I am disgusted to the point where the opposition now looks rosier than the roster of our own party. And we are at the point where only two states have voted so far…………

But then, those Republicans…….they’re undergoing the exact same problem with religion……

Quotes are taken out of context. Reactions make the news, instead of whatever was actually was said. Our screens are filled with no-names analysing the controversy, instead of the clips showing the full context of the speech itself.

Thank heavens for C Span. The camera is turned on and left running. If one watches these incidents on C Span, every one of these controversies becomes debunked. They don’t exist in real life. They are digital fabrications…………

What can you do? Boycott the media (C Span does not count). If a controversy piques your interest, at least on the ‘net’ you can for yourself determine that it is “much ado about nothing.”

This shows that a serendipity primary battle, is impossible. Many look at our state’s gubernatorial races and assume repairs can be made in 7 weeks. All it takes is one misinterpreted ambiguous comment, and the deal is off……