I often tease Dave about his man Mitt Romney. Any chance I get, I send this link his way……Teasing is wrong I know, and I expected some retribution for my partaking in it.

I did not expect the avenue that retribution would take……Because of the above link, my five year is a Mitt Romney fan. Little did I know that while I was listening WDEL, that he was listening to it as well. He surprised me by screaming out Mitt’s full name and clapping his hands ecstatically as only a 5 year old can.

To humor him we sat through most of a Mitt Romney speech. He was thrilled with the moment, and I had to shush each time the announcer mentioned his name. To humor myself since nothing of the speech would be of interest to me, I took a deep breath and came up with the bizarre idea that I would listen to him as if he were a Democrat running against Hillary Clinton. In a few seconds I was in character and listening for the first time to a new Democratic candidate.

He was better than expected. In this speech to the Detroit Economic Club, he was very much in line with my views. I know he has baggage, but that does not concern itself here.

Despite what I had thought, he is not on the Bush tax plan. Despite what I had thought, he is not a corporate shill. He said some things about himself of which I was not aware.

Whereas Al Gore invented the internet, Mitt Romney was behind the office supply firm Staples. Most said shopping for office supplies would never work. But it did. Another story concerning layoffs, describes Mitt’s takeover of a failing consulting firm. Instead layoffs, he gathered everyone in a room, and together they decided there would be not one more layoff. They worked together and pulled it out.

Tomorrow Michigan votes. Zogby has Mitt 3 points behind McCain. But among Republican only voters he leads in double digits. Due to the Democratic boycott of the Michigan primaries, Democrats and Independents are expected to cross over and give support to the founder of the Straight Talk Express, thereby putting a must-do Mitt state, in McCain’s column.

McCain’s an old man. After hearing Mitt not sound like a flake for the first time, I see such similarity between the two, that it seems a Dole-ish act of stupidity to waste such effort on someone so old. You can get the same model (the speech was in Detroit) with a lot less miles…..

“Washington politicians look at Michigan and see a rust belt. But the real rust is in Washington.

I remember being intrigued with Mitt back in August of 06 when Dave first brought him to our local attention. Remembering “Nelson” Rockefeller, Jack Kemp, and other great Liberal Northeast Republicans, I thought that due to the dismantling of the Old Guard Republican’s platform by it’s own lack of success now that it has been implemented for 7 years, just might give us a fresh Republican face willing to try new ideas based on old American values.

But Romney made a fatal flaw in his strategy. Since to be the Republican candidate, you have to receive Republican votes, he began pandering to the “kook” element of the Republican party. The Republican party from the state level up, is flat out dominated by “kooks”. Yet on the grass roots level, it is run by some of the greatest patriots I personally know. Anyway, as soon as Mitt Romney stopped being what he was in Massachusetts, he lost his edge. America does not want the same thing it has had for the last several years. It craves something different.

You can see by the popularity of John McCain that this is true. John McCain is on record of being AGAINST the Bush tax cuts. John McCain is on record as being AGAINST unmitigated deficit spending. He wasn’t always. For awhile he pandered to the party elite, by kissing ass. When his popularity dropped to the gutter, I think he finally said “what the heck, I’ve lost, I might as well run the campaign as I choose to do so.” As his ties to the Bush/Cheney cabal decreased, his popularity from those who hoped for a miracle in 2000, increased. And with what I saw in Romney’s eyes yesterday, I think he now understands the same message.

If Romney makes an appearance in our state, the corporate capital of the world, he needs to hear this from his local campaign committee. “Forget the Old Guard. Be who you are. Run strong as a “New” Republican. Tell us what you WILL do.” If he fails to listen, or those on the local committee fail to speak up…..America may lose its last chance to make the difference.

Years from now, America can be another France or Germany, still a great country, but no longer the principal player it is today.

In honesty, I am surprised by the things I learned from listening to Mitt Romney with an open mind. He offered a different perspective, I grant you, but offered real solutions that have yet to be forthcoming from any of those three contenders for the Democratic crown.

It is something to keep in back of ones mind as Democrats babble over whose insurance will benefit us the most. In several years hence, entitlements and interest will be eating 60 to 70% of our budget. Meaning of course that only 30% of our budget will go to EVERYTHING ELSE.

Above all, it will be important that we have a balanced menu next November as Americans seriously make the all important decision that over time will make us either continue as a first rate country, or not………

My 5 year old loves Mitt Romney.