On WDEL I heard us mentioned as the subject of the opening prayer inside the hallowed halls of the General Assembly. What was said was something along the lines that the Almighty force us to be kind, and to TRUST those who hold leadership positions in the General Assembly.

It is a common trait of human nature for those to pray who have exercised all options and then have none left. Any combat veteran on the advance, has heard such cries combing from the wounded of both sides in the engagement.

I am sure that even though Hitler, Stalin, Castro did not believe in any higher power, they had no problem in having those who did,… pray for each of their victories. Fortunately for us on the other side, those prayers were not fully answered.

Which now brings up a bigger question. If any man races to the edge of the Grand Canyon and throws himself off, even though he certainly is entitled to pray on his way down for a soft landing, he really does not deserve it. Likewise, the reason bloggers and media are not nice to Thurman Adams, is because they have been directly hurt by what he did.

If you want the bloggers to get off your back, Mr. Adams, stop doing what you are doing that puts them there. Bottom line, like Hitler, Stalin, and Castro who held your same views about open government, you, sir, are flat-out on the wrong side of this issue.

Only a communist and crook would want to keep government closed off from its people. Since you have stuffed the OOGA bill in your drawer for many years repeatedly, like the communists who came before, it is rather obvious that you must want to keep state government closed and secretive. Assuming you to be of sound mind and sound body, your choice in doing so, must in some way benefit you personally. Otherwise, were you not to gain some financial interest from out of this, making yourself the most hated person in this state for nothing, would certainly be deemed irrational.

Therefore it would not be a far stretch of logic to assume that you are in the act of putting your own self interests above those of Delaware’s people. And that, Thurman, is why we are praying for you.

You are entitled to have an opinion,… most certainly, and to use your influence to convince others around you to vote your way. That is Democracy. But you are not allowed to act like a Communist, when you ran as a Democrat. If you ran as a member of the communist party and were overwhelmingly voted in as a member of such, alongside Stalin, Castro, and Chairman Mao, then my argument would be moot. Even if you ran as a Republican, you could be forgiven, since they hold some of the same values as those above. But instead you chose to run as a Democrat! That means you support Democracy! And what you practice, Thurman, ……..is not Democracy.

You’re lucky your constituents do not yet know what you are. “Trust” me; this year… they will. Unless you change, Thurman, unless you change.

Even Ebenezer Scrooge abandoned his lifetime of chains forged link by link, in less than half-a-night! So why can’t you like him, change and become the champion of Open Government your constituents elected you to be? Why can’t you who comes from Bridgeville, the most anti-communist part of this state, support letting people vote up or down on bills as they come out of committee? What’s the big deal? If Scrooge could change, why can’t you?

I and some bloggers like me, are praying for you. Daily we pray that God sees fit to use you for the well being of this state. We pray that God humbles you with wisdom so you see the error of your ways: so you can see how secrecy and tele-conferences without the knowledge of the rest of the public, does little to establish the “Trust” that we so badly need in our state government. Instead how such secrecy does much to chase what little “Trust” we even have left….. out those tall windows of Legislative Hall.

We sincerely pray that God finds fit to grant you sufficient amounts of wisdom and courage needed to change your mind. We pray that he does so quickly. For if change does not come quick enough, we also pray that God makes an example out of you, for all politicians who no longer concern themselves with the wishes of their people……..to see and understand the consequences.

We sincerely thank you for including us in your prayer today and deep down, we hope the Good Lord allows you to thank us for including you in ours………

Remember it is YOUR choice of YOUR actions, that control YOUR fate.