I have been impressed by the number of Biden supporters through out this nation who have expressed their sorrow over the fact that their candidate is no longer viable. Biden appears to have touched a number of thoughtful, independent thinkers throughout America, in his quest for the presidency.

Someone (I believe it was Sununu) once said, “Iowa picks corn, New Hampshire picks presidents.” That may not be true. In their haste to have some influence in the picking of the candidate, most states by moving their dates as close to Iowa’s as possible, have done just the opposite. With so little time to recoup from a bad showing in Iowa, the early schedule heavily favors the front runners. There is no possibility for a second tier candidate to gain traction and mount a viable candidacy. Therefore by pushing their states’ primary dates closer to that of Iowa, all those other states who wanted to mitigate Iowa’s role in choosing our president, have conversely magnified Iowa’s influence.

So what did we get? We got a choice of 3 flawed candidates that all have gaping holes when it comes to being able handle the Republican onslaught. Our current choices are: “Mr. Inexperience, another Clinton, and Mr Corporate Lawyer.” Although a few days ago I would have bet the house on a Democrat winning in November, with this collective cast of characters, the race just got a lot tighter.

Democrats high on Obama, “he can bring this country together,” have not yet thought through on how they will defend him when the accusations come, and you know they will, that he as mostly a State Senator, and barely a US one. They will talk about flip flopping and pull out his statement that he would serve out his term as an Illinois Senator.

Democrats, even in this state, are tired of the Clinton factor. What? 8 more years? yawn. Her campaign fails to excite, and is invigorated by her husband, but even now, that is passe.

Edwards, with his 400 dollar haircut, and his corporate lawyer background, will hardly make inroads into the Red States. All any of these three candidate have going for them is the negativity polls describing what American’s think about the current president.

The record looks dismal. All second tier candidates lumped together, received less than 3%. But that is not how they polled. There are stories coming out of Iowa today of caucuses where Biden carried 10% easily, and then had to give them up to the other three candidates due to the minimum. The Iowa republicans apparently have a different system. You vote and go home. Your vote counts as it stands.

So many Americans who paid close attention to the race, have supported Biden. Apparently a lot more this time than supported Luger, during his 96 campaign. All I can add is that because of the lack of media coverage, many Iowans felt Biden was a “has been,” the same way I felt “Luger” had no business competing for the presidency, despite his competency in foreign affairs.

That feeling toward Biden, changed if you ever heard him speak. And not enough did. For the rest of Iowans relying on television for any impertinent information, the lack of local media publicity may have contributed to that perception to those who never did see Joe in person.
Biden, if he had been able to make it all the way to the nomination, would have won many new converts to the Democratic party. Unfortunately because of the caucus system in Iowa, most Republicans, this November, will choose to stay home, not wanting to vote for their party’s candidate either.

So instead of corn, Iowa may have just picked our president.