If you just happen to look at the Des Moines Register opinion page on New Year’s Eve, you would have seen this.

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Des Moines Register; New Years Eve

Apparently the top three most clicked sites are automatically posted in the reader recommended category. I don’t know who that guy is, but it looks like he pulled a hat trick.

In retrospect I wish Iowa had run a primary instead of a caucus. By the time you add 38, 30, and 30, there is only 2% left as crumbs. Since 15% is the minimum required, its over before it begins…..

The caucus system has weeded out all but three of the Democrats. I guess after a year of campaigning and debates, it is probably time to trim the branches. At least the Republicans can still have fun. They have a few more candidates still in the running, including the likes of Ron Paul.

Sad as it is, we can be buoyed by the fact, that our local guy is a real class act. Whether speaking to millions, or to one lady with a microphone at a senior center, our guy is the true Teddy Roosevelt of the bunch………

Across the nation there are a lot of sad people tonight………..America has taken off in a new direction. Where it goes now we shall see.