My grandfather led troops in every one of the major Yank’s engagements during the First World War. Those of you who have seen combat, can appreciate the fact that he never spoke of it to anyone, except once as far as we know, to his son, my father.

It is nice as a kid to know some good blood flows through your veins.

There is a shared bond among those who experience a life changing event. On a mild scale I could describe it as thus:

“You too were at the Stones concert August 89 in Veteran’s Stadium? Whoa…….” With those few words nothing else needs said. Between the glance of two sets of eyes, three CD’s and probably a 300 page book of information, pass back and forth in the form or a relived experience.

So it is with politics..Although mostly that field is boring, there are those moments….And when they occur, you know something special has happened.

I got goosebumps from reading a comment nestled in a forum tacked to the bottom of a link of a page that was linked to me. Sort of a round about way to come to the point, but….as you know, that is what happens on the internet.

I will just jump into it.

I was at the Ames event at which you couldn’t wedge another person into the room. They had to take down the tables with hand-outs and anything else they could get rid of for more standing room. It got so warm we were all stewing in our juices.All eyes were rivetted on Joe, and nobody was complaining that he was trying to explain intricate policy to them either! Most of his talk was answering peoples’ questions. They wanted real answers from someone who knows that with technology and globalization the world is getting smaller and more interconnected all the time, so that everyone else’s problem is becoming your problem too. Joe has that kind of perspective, and people have had enough hype that they are looking for the real deal. They didn’t want him to leave, and it took him half an hour just to get out of the building. I just wish we had more time, now that people are coming around, but finally getting some coverage helps! The media have shaped this race in a way that is totally unfair, favoring celebrity over substance.

Comment by Donna Hughes January 2, 2008 at 11:14 am

As I follow these events in Iowa I have to wonder,… that if this country were to turn itself around by say 2012, that a small group of Iowans could turn to each other and ask……””Were you there at Ames 2008?”

The answer would be ” Whoa…..”