Open government. Now that’s a New Year’s Resolution I could get behind….Wouldn’t it be nice if all dealings between cronies were open for all to see and hold those perpetrators accountable?

For one, I would like to see how Russ Larson feels he represents the entire legislature by voting down Bluewater wind, an event that was supported twenty to one by Delawareans. Surely his vote does not represent the entire legislature. It must represent just a few who are in Delmarva’s pocket. Come on now….twenty to one and you are going to vote it down. Something is not right.

For two, I would like to see how many bills are gathering dust in Thurman Adam’s (D-Bridgeville) Senate drawer. Again the question needs asked, when a majority of Delawareans want a bill to be passed, and it can’t by a silly rule, what kind of government is that? Communist I say. Only a communost would stick a bill in a drawer never to be voted on…Communists? Weren’t they the enemies of the United States at one time or another? Apparently now they run our legislature.

Third, I would like to know which corporation supports which bill. If I disagree with their position, I and my friends certainly should be allowed to protest its actions by boycotting its products. We already know who the lobbiest are, they have to sign up. We just can’t drop in and see them writing out the bills for lazy representatives, gearing up support for lazy representatives, and throwing wild parties for the lazy representatives….

Common sense tells us why our government should be open. Common sense also makes it quite understandable why the powers-that-be, fight so hard to keep things as they are. They are afraid that they will be exposed as crooks. The only other reason one can assume, is that eventually we will find out just how little they know about what they are doing……

Comment overheard in the alcove at Legislative Hall:

“I’m confused. I just don’t know what to do.”

Here you go, here is a list of all the votes up today. Just do what the list says and vote yes or no….

Oh, thank you sooooo much. You’re an angel.

Obviously if the rest of the public was aware of that Senator’s performance, things would change…..

We who support open government, think they will change for the better. Those that are corrupt, think open government will change things for the worst.

You can make your voice heard at the “ooga ooga ooga” educational event at legislative hall on opening day next Tuesday January 8th around 2 pm. “Ooga, ooga, ooga,” sounds like a Model T car horn doesn’t it? That is how far behind the times our current Senate rules are. They are as old as a Model T Ford….

But “ooga” is really an anocrym for “Open Our General Assembly”

On Tuesday, show your representive in person, that this time, you will not take NO as an answer. After all it is your money they throw away. You’ve got a right to know who is spending it and where it is going……………………..

See you there. Ooga ooga ooga