Outside the Perimeter
Courtesy of Department of Defense

Another special election came and went this past weekend….It just barely got noticed in blog land before the weekend ended…..11:58 Sunday night was the time stamp to be precise. Del Lib was the first to post the belated news………Except for Celia, blogland gave a big “Ho-hum.”

Except for Nancy and Donviti, who discovered ESPN signs were not made overnight by avid television sports fans, the big game Saturday,……another “ho-hum.”

So it was a “ho hum” weekend….Christmas shopping perhaps, or that Nordic tendency to pull out alcohol when the sun shines for only 9 hours and twenty minutes…..Whatever the reason, it was a slow weekend for posters…..so what happened?

Comments went through the roof before and after Ronnie boy challenged the stature of Mike Protack…..at last count Del Liberal had 83 on the stealth of Alan Levine….Down South, FSP pulled in 28 more, in response to his posting a link to Willie’s column. I noticed a mysterious quietness in the comment wars from Donviti and Von Cracker. A silence perhaps attributable to the cause mentioned in the above paragraph………..or perhaps to the cause mentioned in this comment…..

In other news Nancy covers Biden‘s request for a special prosecutor to investigate “Missing Tape Torture Gate”.

Another surging Presidental “want-to- be” otherwise know as Huckabee, gets pilloried by Dana for crediting, at least one of his kills to angels…..Liberalgeek has the raw scoop on another one of his kills.

Hube gives us a story about the power of the internet to make blame flow downhill. It also involves a religious holiday. That poor store clerk….there is another post on BDS.

Purzycki makes, to my knowledge, his first double appearance in Delaware Blogs; first on Nancy’s Delaware Way, and then on Dana’s Delaware Watch….both of which cover the moving on of Powell. Has Wilmington lost all HOPE?

Congress got a couple of hits….from FSP who called on Carper to explain his no vote on the Alternative Minimum Tax package up for a vote? He was one of 5 who voted “nay.” Nancy beguiles Carper for letting slack standards of mercury to remain intact….

Besides mercury, Carbon returns to the forefront with Tommy’s explanation of Carbon Tax, which was the focus of a multi state forum. One more reason, as if one were needed, to build the full 600MW farm of the coast of Rehoboth….Sell the excess to the grid….there is an increased demand for it…….

Other news this light weekend…..Smitty calls on Jason330 to begin talking like pirates again, but Mike Mahaffe goes one step further…….The patch is you man…..Fortunately he had both eyes open, and a camera ready, as his odometer hits another milestone, and a personal one at that………Not to mention, we need to prepare for more Libertarians…….

Speaking of Libertarians, Alan has the specs on Chavez here. Dana had an earlier posting pointing to his positives…..He lost an election. No doubt it was tabulated electronically and was funneled through a website known only by the initials: gwb43.com.

Steve Newton at Delaware Libertarian has a blow by blow description of religious baiting being done by Delaware’s blogger community. Shirley carries the Libertarian theme further with a variation of the US government’s take
on the Who song….”Who Are You…” On a more serious note, Shirley accounts for her meeting up with several tall guys (no Dave FSP, she didn’t include you in that group) who were present at the open government seminar sponsored by CCOBH. She left resolved to make Open Government happen next year….”Welcome back to the fight….This time I know our side will win.”

Kilroy fires another round into “Bob A.” He should have more holes in him than Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship, The Black Pearl. (Time for pirate talk again?)

If one googles “Cheney Hospitalized” there right underneath of MSN and Fox News, lies our own MBA with his existentialistic version of that story. Spot 5, not bad….something to tell the little one. By the time she is computer literate, that may really mean something…..”Wow, my daddy is important….” Of course they know that, but sometimes a little nudge helps…especially during the teen years……

Finally in the end. DWA has Mikes Protacks answer to Mike Mathews challenge on one of the comment streams…….In a rather eloquent retort, Mike P answers the charges…..His eloquence corresponds rather nicely to the jackal howling in the first comment. 🙂

Perhaps we should just get all parties together at a poetry reading and talk things out…….