Frank Knotts, a writer for FSP, still finds some good in Fred Thompson, I believe….I hope that I do not disillusion him with this new bit of information……

Mr TV Star does not believe the NIE….Gotta love it……..

They’re still enriching uranium, and I’m very suspicious of the thing,” said Mr (I Don’t Know Dick About Science) Thompson. Hey Detective….if you investigate you will find that Iran has uranium that is 3.4% pure, and that to make a bomb, they need over 90% purity. It’s that complicated jump, from 3 to 90, that keeps the nuclear club down to a very few……Most knowledgeable estimates put the earliest possibility at 8 years if done in the open….If it is clandestine, it won’t happen…..Nevertheless, Thompson continues:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that info wasn’t put out by (the Iranian government) so they can say ‘look, there’s no need to mess with us now, ” Thompson said. The former Tennessee senator also indicated that the still-classified portion of the report might tell a different tale.

Well I have got to hand it to Fred…He learned well from TV. That is exactly what you do whenever you have been proven to be wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt……….