I know it is early in the campaign, and to my recollection only Dave at FSP has publicly committed and supported a candidate. The rest of us have talked about them, but have not signed up for anyone in particular….

So what I propose to do, is have some fun with predictions, not of the candidates, but of who some of you will support…..For those of us involved in sports, it is quite similar to the line on a game….no more…. Like the Prognosticators who pick the weekend games prematurely, I will be wrong on some occasions… It will be hilarious if I am wrong on all……Much ribbing should deservedly come my way…..However having read most of your posts, I do not think that will happen. Many of you who closely guard your thoughts, have given clues, which read by a good poker player, foretell your hand…..

Feedback is free…and it should be interesting at least to see how this plays out……for fun of course……

Will start out with the stinker……Dave at FSP quietly ditches Mitt and returns to 2000 in support of the new (or return to the old) McCain…….(see, I told you this would be fun….)

Liberalgeek holds out for Obama….

Hube bites his tongue and supports Biden……

Shirley stays true to Ron Paul……All she has to see is him on the back of a Harley, and she’s with him all the way……….

Tommywonk sticks with Obama….although he is tempted by Biden, I see him holding out for “a new future”.

Alan Coffey, Libertarian that he is, goes with Ron Paul.

Judd Bennett (Jud’s Rant) sticks with McCain.

Frank Knotts will think of leaving Thompson, but in the end will give ole Fred his support…..

Jason330 will still pine for Obama, but go with Biden

Donviti will try them all and despite what he says right now, will settle on Hillary. It has something to do with his ex:)

Ryan at JttR is jello for Giuliani

Duffy will eventually support Biden.

Dr Nick. a hard one, who rarely comments or posts, (I going back to Feb 07 here) will go with Obama.

Randy from FSP, will go with the still-to-come, new and improved John McCain.

David Anderson of “Stop Taxing” will go with Huckabee.

Matt from the Soapbox will support Obama.

DWA’s Mike Mathews will go with Richardson, then switch to Obama as Richardson fades, the finally to Biden as Biden gains ground and excites America who unlike us, will be seeing him for the first time……

Dana will continue to be pro-Kucinich, but after some discussion, he will agree that the Cleveland Congressman’s campaign won’t take off, and go with Biden.

Paris Hilton will chose Biden. He’s hot…..

Joe of MBA, will think of his little one, and go with Obama.

Mike Castle, in his consistent pick of losers, will side with Giuliani. “Hello Hon, I’m in a meeting right now.”

Nancy, although she has affection for Edwards, will waver for a while, but will eventually fall in and support Biden.

Disbelief will stick to Obama, but will think about Biden very hard.

Perry Hood will go with Ron Paul.

Tyler Nixon will write in Teddy Roosevelt.

Rick Jensen will go Giuliani.

Gerry Fulcher will go with Tancredo.

Liz Allen will go with Hillary.

Anon will go with Gravell. Something about the rock….it reminds him of himself.

Mike Mahaffie will pursue Huckabee for a while longer, but in the end, that “evolution” comment will flip him over to Biden.

Rebecca Young will fall in with Biden.

Kilroy will think of going Huckabee, the strongest on education, but then at the last minute, surprise himself and switch to Biden, who will do more for Delaware than anyone else ever has…….

John Feroce will go Guiliani.

John Kowalko will support Biden.

Markell will fall in with Biden, as will Carney.

Protack…….will do the same……(As governor he will need a president from the same state).

Ron Williams from the News Journal, will be 5 months too late following the old party line, and go with Hillary.

Al Mascitti, will go with …..he will be all over the place until the actual day arrives……..the smart move: Biden.

I know I forgot someone….I read his/her blog all the time….I apologize for not remembering so feel free to drop your take in the comments section, which on WordPress, is at the end of the tags, on top of the post………