There are so many things that need said….At this moment I want to focus on the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) that came out recently stating that Iran did not have a weapons program since 2003…..Many of you know that we have been speculating that this administration was about to attack Iran with another shock and awe campaign, and since there were NO supporters either in this country or the rest of the world for such an attack, to launch it would be seen as an illegitimate act of aggression against an innocent country. We now know exactly how innocent that country really was……What a mistake we almost made…………..

Seriously, think about it. What a mistake we almost made…..Conflicting news being what it is, I believe this report caught the administration flat footed. They had just rehired Wolfowitz, the architect of the Iraq War, to take over the America’s dealings with Iran…..

Now that all out war is out of the picture, he is probably soon to be out of a job……So what does this episode say about our current administration, the fact that we got a report in 2007, that said Iran stopped their weapon’s program in 2003? Well, there are three options….all of them scary.

Option 1: We did not know. That is scary, What kind of intelligence are we getting if we are not able to determine whether or not Iran has a weapons program in progress….Had we been so stupid during the Cold War, we would be speaking Russian now…..This is a travesty of great importance. Is it our people?. Is it our satellites? Is it that they rarely take their head out of their ass except to send reports back that they assume we all want to hear? Intelligence is gathering facts. The part that is most absymal, is that this is the second time intelligence has failed this administration. But as we saw, there were plenty who tried to say that in Iraq, there were no WMD’s. One intelligence agent was even “outted” under orders by our own Vice President… Which leads us to the second alternative.

Option 2: Our people on the ground did know, and did their best in passing the information on. Somewhere in the chain, the message was scrambled and the information never got inside the Oval office. The decision to start WWIII was made by Cheney/Bush based on faulty intelligence that someone in the chain of command had substituted for the real deal…..In this case we have two realities. One that was actually occurring in Iran, based on ground reports. The other was the perception that we were under attack, that existed within the four walls of the oval office. But someone would have gotten the message out, if that were the case….They did finally through the NIE report….The thousands of men and women who, based on their knowledge, strongly disagreed with the Cheney/Bush administration on the strength of the threat, would have eventually let us, the public, know. Which leads us to the rather chilling thought and the third possibility.

Option 3: The intelligence was received and discounted because it did not fit in with the political agenda being pushed by this administration. They needed a war to wag the dog…….They need one very badly, seeing how their poll numbers cling to the bottom like algae on a rock…..This war, WWIII, was their ticket out…….Obviously the timing of this report coming out now, and Cheney’s hospitalization, is no coincidence. Perhaps we can race a late night delegation to Cheney’s deathbed to get him to rescind his order to attack Iran giving us a freehand for talks and diplomacy…….

All three options are bad. This administration has taken a bullet in its vital area…It may survive. But it may not……..For how can anyone take anything else either Cheney or Bush says seriously, now that he has been wrong two times, with great consequences to the parents of those who died, and every man, woman, and child who will have to pay back the cost of this war plus interest over their entire lifetimes……

And equally important is how anyone can take seriously someone who wrongly supported this administration, who was duped by their duplicitous lies, twice? How can Mike Castle who stood by Bush when he was wrong once, and now is wrong twice, be anything but a laughing joke? How can Carper who switched sides from his Democratic party-beliefs to support the hard line that this administration was proposing, be taken seriously on other matters improtant to Delaware?

This NIE turns the tables on everyone. So what are America’s options.

Option 1: We can defend our actions, even knowing we were wrong. We can make other feel we were seriously going to attack an innocent country and scare them into submission. Bush started this defense yesterday when answering reporters questions…..We can say that our warmongering was working….”see they stopped in 2003″. We can say that they still have the potential to make weapons at sometime in the very distant future and we need to attack to insure that never happens. We can say pressure from our attack on Iran, was responsible for our success in Iraq. “They were too worried about our attack, to supply the Shiites with weaponry”. Expect all these excuses to filter out….and when they do, respond with: “oh, so you are saying it’s ok for America to attack an innocent nation, that has neither the plans, nor means to attack us. You know,… sort of like Hitler and Stalin did?” Because essentially that is what they are saying…only they haven’t thought that far ahead, they are still reeling from the NIE.

Option 2: Is to say “we were wrong.” “We made a mistake.” Then begin hearings with full subpoena power to find out how to prevent such a massive intelligence failure again (didn’t we just do that?) Start from the bottom and move up the chain, until we reach the fall guy……Just as in Nixon’s White House, there will be some who after serious introspection, will find their loyalties are to America, and not its miserly old Vice President. They will come forward, no doubt using a nickname similar, but different from “deep throat.” Then after we have cleared the air, we implement the recommendations and hope it works…..

Option 3: We hold those elected officials accountable for their errors. As we come to discover that the information did make its way to the top, and was overlooked, we need to hold those at the top accountable… That’s what we do with school superintendents. That’s what we do in the corporate world. Particularly as the word gets out that we did this for oil, and to improve Cheney’s net worth, America should become outraged and demand his removal…..So option 3 is essentially to pull the plug and start anew with Democrats in charge…..

We will see if Castle votes to acquit Bush as the impeachment call comes around….If he says Bush is not guilty, we will be ready………