Outside the Perimeter
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What? There’s an election this Saturday? Where’s the press, where’s the mud-flinging, where’s the 30 or longer comment sessions, where’s the Hare’s Corner postal staff? Where’s WDEL, where’s the News Journal? What 3 days left? How many of you without looking, know who is running?

Hats off to David Anderson….At least one of us was not asleep at the wheel…..I have to shake my head and say no wonder politics in Delaware is so messed up when a special election can come and go and Delaware’s watchdogs do not even lift an eyelid.

Yeah, I knew it was coming and had in the back of my mind to look into it, but……..3 days from now? Hopefully I’ll do better next time…..Of course there are myriads of excuses…….Lots….

For one, KHN will become a new acronym commonly seen on these pages. That is because the number of keystrokes required to type out “Karen Hartley-Nagle” damages the nerve tissue in both of one’s hands. She, by coincidence, threw her hat onto MIke Castle’s head (it was a 3 pointer shot by the way) by announcing her candidacy yesterday, which was echoed by DWA, Dana, Soapbox Matt, and acknowledged by Del Lib. (Is it just me or do all those posts say the same thing?) At least Nancy’s was somewhat different.

Equally important this week, especially yesterday, was Delaware’s blogosphere’s innermost feelings on …….pizza….Particularly Grotto’s and the knowledge they were taking on a little pizza shop in Beaverbrook, because the name “Grottina” was too close to “Grotto’s”. I guess to “Big” Don (Grotto’s head), the size of the cave, does matter. Anyone willing to read up on an empty stomach, beware…….Not only did it take up most of an afternoon of discussion on WDEL, but you can read about it here, and here…….If you don’t love pizza, take the advice of Grottina proprietor Jean Luc and: “Forget about it!”

Other weekend news was the letter sent to Kowalko and all, by Delmarva Power in response to what was truthfully said about their recalcitrance to engage into options of working with Blue Water Wind…..Nancy has a copy of “the letter” and John’s response. Everyone needs to read that exchange, for the same reason that before stepping on a Copperhead, one should listen for the “hiss…”. John does not need to really concern himself about the accusations Delmarva is implying….All the evidence on the PSC’s website directly supports it, for all to read…..Yeah, Delmarva is doing everything possible not to negotiate with Blue Water Wind….even to the point of spending all summer negotiating and in the last hour, putting an asterisk next to every position previously agreed upon and stating that those clauses with asterisks were not agreed to by Delmarva.(page 5)….How low is that. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that was the tactic used by those who supply our power………So John’s letter should not be the real news, The real news should be why Delmarva Power is still allowed to remain a part of the negotiations between Blue Water Wind and the State….Delmarva had their chance….As this letter to John shows, when it comes to including them into negotiations, the State of Delaware should say…..”forget about it.”

Other news: the case of the missing funds, and as we found out yesterday, the missing “fink“. (Now that was low) But missing money is just that. Missing. And attention needs to be paid as to whether someone was being paid to look the other way as the foxes took it upon themselves to march into the henhouse….That is the L–ink where all of this comes together. Can anyone say “Grand Jury with Subpoena Power?”

So what else happened this past weekend? FSP is recycling pieces from July. That is a correct synopsis of that blog this weekend; they really don’t have much to say….Compared to blogs on the other side who cannot keep up with the news as it flies out of Washington….The times they are a changing.….Perhaps one can compare the malaise affecting Americans today to that hopelessness and despondency that Reagan often alluded to when discussing the presidency before him. Only today it is much worse…..Don’t take my word for it…it is right here on FSP.
This comment just sort of jumped out at me: “Frank, I had a feeling Fred Flintstone didn’t have a flying car.” Great discussions are to be had on the other side of the aisle.

Dana has a new look…Is everyone going red? Is this the new trend nationwide? Matt’s Soapbox has morphed as well, no doubt due to his cross posting on Down With Absolutes.

Kilroy has the take on Education. Being involved with the Republican party of course he has some baggage to contend with in dealing with Delaware’s http://www.protackforgovernor.com/. On the other hand, the rest of us are in search of quality and really do not care about Strine’s aggrivations…So for Kilroy to grudgingly publish Protack’s policies of education, shows that something is up this time…We have real issues coming to the forefront. Although there may arise some concerns for “lack of local control” of education, perhaps considering our current state of education, we should consider this option as perhaps the removal of local impediments to the betterment of education. I at at least took notice with the consolidation of school districts. It’s a new, bold idea; sort of the type we will need if we move forward into the future. All that Delaware has previously received, was a pap smear and french fries.

Speaking of Protack, DWA has his health care plan here.
Once again we have real solutions, and not some fancy words that sound good until one explores what they really mean……Perhaps it just takes a candidate who really has to try harder to come up with the proper perspective in dealing with these heady issues..


Mike’s Musings mulls about the passage of time. He speaks of the changes surrounding his home town this time. Both Nancy and Judd have points to add on the wisdom of setting moratoriums upon unplanned development. Pile on the rules and regulation.

From Shirley’s exploration of what it means to be a Libertarian, we get this nugget, among a few: If the only way you can tell a left winger from a right winger is by which one of their hands is in which one of your pockets, you might be a Libertarian. It is worth the laugh to read the whole thing. But equally important to a main topic of local discussion, is whether anonymous postings have a place on the internet. Most recently, the continuous conversation was carried here.
And what use to be Delaware’s Voice of Libertarianism and is now one of three, The Digital Federalist keeps up with Ron Paul and Hugo Chevez. Quite a coupling.

Other issues involving comments, are the realization that we were lied to about Iran, the same as we were about Iraq. (I am shocked, shocked that their is lying going on around Dick Cheney’s administration!) Obviously this important news had to wait until a heart attack to sneak out into the public realm…….And to think there are still some people left on this planet who still make fun of Gore………Try looking in the mirror……..But don’t be too harsh on yourselves, for even the Washington Post has lost it’s credibility. So it is not…. “just a Republican thing”. Tommywonk puts their smear Obama campaign into proper perspective.

Nancy carries the local angle on who….who….who from Delaware, was ready to launch nukes into the heartland of Iran…”Rah Rah Leiberman! Sis Boom Bah.” (not to drop a hint of course.)

Nancy and Kilroy both clue us in on the up and coming town meetings to cover the open government within Delaware’s legislative halls…..To all who read this, this is perhaps one meeting that all should attend, for the very reason it is now time for citizens of this state to take back their government……At least consider voting for these few who put principle above their own power……..

Nancy found some dirt on Huckabee, which I didn’t think was possible. He still reminds me of a blue Hanna-Barbara Cartoon character.

And since one of the principle reasons I do all of this is to start trouble, I would be remiss if I left out these three posts,all of which comment than none of these three guys, made a comment upon them in their blog? But then, I understand that neither is talking to each other….WTF…..That’s the whole reason there IS an internet, fellas, ….that and Al Gore…….

I think Duffy has what they need ………. some fine Benny Lava… Is it just me or is that John Carney before he shaved doing the lead role?

Oh yeah, there is an election this Saturday.