I was dissappointed in one of your articles‘ attempts to link Obama with Muslim theology.

It was a stretch too far. Too far in fact that it has made this reader question the integrity of the editorial board of the Washington Post itself, again.

Those of us remembering the Nixon years probably have more loyalty to your paper than should be due. However it is apparent to this astute reader that you have chosen to stop reporting on domestic politics and have begun to propagandize instead…..

This is America where you certainly have the right to publish whatever you will. Likewise as with any Lyndon La Rouche pamphlet, I as a reader have a choice not to read it.

This will be my last chance to inform you that you have lost one more reader and to serve notice that you have progressed down a path, one which you can still change…..As for me, I will continue to most certainly read some of those fine articles you continue to publish, but they will first have have to be screened by a system of bloggers and other filters within the media….

Although this is only my feeling, your clout has been reduce to nothing more than one of the many eyewitnesses at a car bombing…..instead of the puzzle solver, you are only one piece of the puzzle itself.

Although this letter is being addressed to you, it is also meant to inform your advertisers so that they too can make a more precise and correct assessment, the next time they choose to invest their hard-won money into one of your ads………..