Bill Clinton led his send-off speech at the Dem 2000 convention for Al Gore, with the fact that under the second term of his administration, blacks saw a higher growth of income than whites…..

Black Income Rose 5% more then White During Clinton's Second Term

During the Bush Years, they gave it all back………

Therefore to the average Afro American, this election is extremely important, from purely an economic reason…..African Americans fared well under the first Clinton. They put their faith, if not their fervor into Al Gore, and look where we are today….Bottom line, they feel they need to back someone who will win with white voters….

Of course they are proud of Obama. Even more, they are proud of his high poll standings and his ability to earn money…….equal almost to that of Hillary Clinton herself…..

But when it comes to keeping track of how many promising Black candidates actually win…..their memories are better at keeping score than most whites…..Likewise they are sharper because of their struggles, on who is capable and not capable of delivering upon their campaign promises……

Bill did…and that leads a lot of credence that his wife will do the same…..Her experience is slightly more prodigious than her husband’s. She seems to have the Rights’ nod to the presidency, implying at best the Republicans will try to mount a Dole sized Campaign to keep from acquiescing entirely.

Obama on the other hand, was a state senator, and then a freshman Senator, until he started taking time off to campaign…How will he be able to effectively work Capitol Hill better than Hillary, when what is necessary will be the reversal of all things Bush, and a return to the tax policy, environmental policy, social policy that proved to raise ALL RACES AND ECONOMIC STRATAS at the same time……something no one else has ever been able to do.

They do not need another candidate to stumble out of the gate. Therefore though they like Obama, as for right now, the money is on Hillary……

But that could change after Iowa…where currently Obama is in the lead…..If Obama can show the curse is lifted and in a state where there are very few African Americans to be found…that a black can beat the wife of the most popular president ever,……those allegiances can shift…..But Obama must win in Iowa, sort of the same way Kennedy had to win in West Virginia, (proving once and for all back in 1960 that a Catholic did have a shot at the presidency.Boy have we come a long way…..)

Black voters, argues Jim Clyburn, House Majority Whip, are aware that they make up a minority of the population in the United States and that to win the White House in 2008 the Democratic candidate must be able to demonstrate considerable appeal among white voters

if Iowa goes Obama, then Blacks may see him as capable of making it all the way. If that vision becomes reality, then their support will switch to that candidate who can win the White House in 2008……even if he is black…….

Oh, Do You Have Hemorrhoids Too?
Oh! Do You Have Hemorrhoids Too?