Courtesy of Department of Defense
Courtesy of Department of Defense

We’ll start with Duffy with a timely piece, if you happened to hear Tuesday’s economic news (BOA)……I should mention it is entitled: DV this is for you….For those of you who have not played already, you can also find your inner European.

Tragedy hit hard at the Curmudgeon.
Our prayers go out….Anything we can do……

With Shirley down, The Digital Federalist steps up carrying the banner for Ron Paul before it has a chance to touch the ground. Whether Republicans like it or not, Ron Paul IS THE BEST THING that has ever happened to the Republican party. Let us hope real voters realize it and thumb their noses at both the media pundits, and political headmasters….If I were to describe the phenomena, I would perhaps say that Ron Paul provides America with a practical solution for fixing America’s ills, without bringing with him, the stench from stepped-in cow-pies that precedes the other candidates……

Daily Delaware illustrates why Democrats are a class act…..Markel attacks a dopey News Journal letter writer, who may have previously been one of his supporters. He had no choice: the dopey guy attacked a fellow democrat, his opponent in the primary.

Nancy shows what eventually happens if we don’t make an effort to stop government from condemning land to pave the way for developers. Those people didn’t even get time to eat, much less make blighted chili.…,At least they won’t have to pay for a war on top of losing their livelihoods……

Kilroy warns us the “red tide” is coming. Ii is not what you think, not the red against blue some of you so desperately desire. It is the Red as in “Red Clay.” There seems to be positive movement in that district, coming perhaps from some new leadership? Not to mention Kilroy holding their feet to the fire…….Don’t forget to look at the pictures…..

Merit Bound Alley is drinking coffee from some really strange places…But those things happen…..

Those of you who have not yet checked out the Mike from “southern climes”, can you guess the topic of his post 88888? Wow, it’s been 145 days already. Guess it’s time for another game of golf….

Finally, a reason to break away from football between 3-4 this Sunday, November the 18th. Probably the first valid reason of the season. Tune to channel 28 to hear Matt from the Soapbox and Dana the Watchman, talk about blogs……with assorted others……

The Mike who does not support absolutes, in fact he is down with them, opens dialog on the inner city of Wilmington’s Mayors race, to be on channel 73

The Colosses of Rhody has some invisible friends. More newsworthy, is Marvel Comics taking its first baby step online…..

But the weekend was dominated by two threads……One was veterans day. The other was the ongoing battle for wind….

Delaware Liberal started off with a Donvitisque choice of photo. Comments stayed on, “thank you very much.” FSP countered with a more traditional salute to American’s veterans.

As words flew between the two, I traced 154 comments between the two blogs on this topic, a better perception of what it means to be veteran, was visible to all. However Feroce lost his cool…..showing to all that the Republicans have someone capable of speaking just like Daniello……Nancy provides some commentary, but the comments themselves were where the action was….

The other topic was wind. With all letters having to be into the group of four by Tuesday at 4:00, much was written about Delmarvas final push…Although they claim the report was written by the Pace group, Tommywonk breaks it apart and finds that this person was the real author………Much discussion on the airwaves this weekend, with many bloggers wearing many different hats…….

There were several open letters to the board of four….

We hope these letters and comments will be successful….We need them to be successful.