The war still goes on.

Revisiting an article from May, I clicked on a link just to see if anything was new.

It was. In the quiet, while we focused on Petraeus’s Report and the other side focused on Move On’s ad, American forces killed a Union worker in an attempt to bust up a strike……

The Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU) has announced that US occupation forces carried out an unprovoked attack against a crew of workers in the Rumaila oilfields in Basra on the morning of Monday 18 September.

Old news, it took place the same time as Blackwater’s massacre in Baghdad. Here is what it said.

Indeed, the latest attack seems to be designed to show that the occupation forces will act with impunity, and that there is going to be little distinction between mercenaries and regular US troops.

Allan Greenspan said the Iraqi War was for oil…Actions on the ground, by our own troops, do little to dispute that notion……..

The attack in the oilfields seems also to be designed to push the Iraqi Government to take further harsh and repressive measures against the oil workers at a time when they are resisting the privatization of the industry. The murder of Chief Engineer Talib Naji Abboud should also be laid at the door of the oil corporations that are trying to force their way into Iraq and to control its resources at any cost.