The Washington Post stumbled several days ago. In their hands, they had the perfect opportunity to seriously explore the reasons for substandard education in America’s inner cities, a condition ubiquitous throughout every urban area across this country, and they dropped the ball. …. Big time.

I first heard this discussed on DEL several days ago. I couldn’t wait to plug in and read the source, and now having done so, I am disappointed that the article failed to support the headline. As most of you now know, the headline hollers “Biden stumbles”……. but a reading of the article actually shows Biden carried himself quite well. So I’m confused.

As one reads the article, it becomes rather apparent that Biden didn’t stumble. Within the article itself we find that it was only the Washington Post editorial board who “thought” Biden “stumbled” during his answer to them on education. They “thought” …..he did so…..They “thought”?

Reread the lines again…..”Biden also stumbled through a discourse on race and education, leaving the impression that he believes one reason that so many District of Columbia schools fail is the city’s high minority population. His campaign quickly issued a statement saying he meant to indicate that the disadvantages were based on economic status, not race.

So where do they conclude he stumbled ? From what little direct evidence this article gives, it was when they asked him why inner city schools have such a high failure rate….. “after a lengthy critique of Bush administration education policies, Biden attempted to explain why some schools perform better than others — in Iowa, for instance, compared with the District. “There’s less than 1 percent of the population of Iowa that is African American. There is probably less than 4 or 5 percent that are minorities. What is in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you’re dealing with,” Biden said. He went on to discuss the importance of parental involvement in reading to children and how “half this education gap exists before the kid steps foot in the classroom.

Duh…..Has anyone walked the halls of an inner city student body lately? In Philadelphia? William Penn? Christiana? Pencader? Glasgow? Brandywine? Newark? AI Dupont? Mt. Pleasant? Has anyone sat through a whole day of classes to really see what goes on in our schools?

Remarkably here in Delaware we are comparing the lower cost we spend to educate one Appoquinimink student, a high achiever, to the much higher cost a Wilmington suburban student will require to barely pass. The very fact that this Appoquinimink district uses less money per student, yet gets a higher rate of return on state testings, is currently being used by the Republican party in a special election to trumpet Joanne Christian as the perfect State Senate candidate………Hat’s off to her. Compared to all other New Castle school systems, her results are truly amazing…….

So when this topic was debated on WDEL, someone (I did not catch the name) wondered out loud, exactly what was different about that district, that allowed it to do so much better with less?

Check the differences of percentages of minorities between all Delaware school districts…….

I make the assumption that everyone reading this, is far above average intelligence and already knows that race or skin color has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with brain capacity. There is ABSOLUTELY NO racial difference in brain power based on genetics.

But it must be said in all honesty, that there can be huge discrepancies in brain capacity based on environmental influences, such as diet, crack, or exposure to lead. The same can be said with social issues; a child with severe low esteem (parental neglect) will under-perform a child with high esteem. There are even, believe it or not, political issues that affect how a child will perform when they get to school, such as this difference in “make sure you listen to ‘whitey'”, or “whatever you do, don’t listen to whitey”, either of which has a rather profound influence upon the atmosphere of a teacher’s classroom.

I know some of you teach in high schools comprised of high numbers of inner city youth. I welcome your comments; America would appreciate your insight. You should know that it is more stressful to teach in an inner city school, than teach at a school in a rural district such as Appoquinimink. The burn out factor caused by inner city high school aged children creates a strain on teachers that is higher than most of you can imagine. It is a pain in the ass to deal with someone who appears far more interested in making your life miserable, than in allowing his peers to learn. To eject him or her from the classroom, usually takes half of the teaching time for that class and requires so much emotional drama, that effective class instruction is totally shot afterwards………..And that….. is the real problem with inner city education!

Of course the Post misses it, but Biden nails it! Right there, with the editorial board of the Washington Post sitting around him, Biden nails it…… He nails the problem exactly as it is for any teacher forced to stand and try to teach such a class. He nails it for any administrator forced to patrol the halls enforcing severe discipline required by that type of environment. He nails it for any transportation worker who has forebear such shenanigans while transporting inner city children in and out of suburban schools.

And here is where the Washington Post stumbles. At the perfect moment just when they had the chance to capture for America the very reason as to why our inner city schools perform so poorly……they drop the ball. Just when they had the opportunity to plant the seed which would forever focus our attention upon correct core of the problem, as well as all of it’s economic, social, and political ramifications, they drop the seed back into their pocket. Just when they had the perfect opportunity to sail forward with the very solution which could rectify the attrition of our urban minds away from wanting to graduate high school,……they change tack.

Instead……. the Washington Post editorial board headlines a slant which their own article struggles and then fails to even substantiate. They prefer instead, to insinuate something that everyone know is not true.

Biden is no racist. That is obvious to anyone who looks at both him and his record. But the method with which the Washington Post editorial board chose to portray Joe’s answer to this question, bothers me, and perhaps makes one wonder whether the racist connotation, if it should be applied at all, really needs to be laid at the feet of the editorial board of the Washington Post itself.

Let’s develop the argument.

For unless the Post secretly felt that minorities were indeed inferior second class citizens, they would have chosen instead, to pursue the matter exactly as did Martin Luther King. Whenever he spoke his eloquent words, Dr. King illustrated his points with concise facts and true events, which provided a picture so vivid and real to his audience, that eventually those of us who heard him, said “wait a minute, …this man is right on point there…, we are America,… we need to change.”

The Washington Post did not capitalize and follow up Biden’s answer with this question: “What do you mean minorities cause lower graduation rates, and…. as president, what will you propose to change that”!

Instead of covering this new ground, the editorial board chose instead to return to the David Dinkin’s 1970 style of finger pointing and using the antiquated “how dare you say they are inferior” line. Meanwhile as the Post‘s editorial board follow this old tack, every available statistic, whether economic, criminal, or educational, cries out that, at least in these categories, minority statistics are inferior and that something needs to be done to fix it, right now!

One could propose that racism in this New American Century, should be defined as this: seeing this racial discrepancy and choosing to do nothing about it. That by definition, is applied racism, and has the same effect on minority populations, as the Old South’s Jim Crow laws. For if one sees the status quo, accepts it as such, and then makes the choice to do nothing to help those who need, that person is complicit in extenuating their plight. When one’s brother is in trouble, and one chooses not to help, …one should be condemned.

Each day Biden sees, says, and does things on the Senate floor that directly applies help to minorities. For the Washington Post editorial board to sit on their hands and do nothing except discredit this Senator who actually does something positive for minorities……….reminds me of the Old South’s reaction to anyone who walked into their county forty years ago to challenge the very premise of those Jim Crow laws they then held so dear. That….. is how this Washington Post dusted up Biden.

So for the sake of argument, my question to you is this. In this shadow world, who represents the true racist? The one dedicated to changing minorities’ plight? Or the other one, hurting minorities by putting considerable effort into setting up roadblocks to keep things, “the same as it ever was”?…..

That is why this action by the Post bothers me. For one must wonder whether the Post‘s misconception is accidental or stems from roots of a deeper cause. For if the editorial board were truly pro-minority, they would choose not to shut down this conversation that was truly aimed at helping minorities where and when they need it most, in our inner city schools?

I am also bothered as to why the Washington Post editorial board would stretch the truth so far as to embarrass the one candidate, who is most responsible for putting additional cops into minorities’ neighborhoods, and who is equally responsible removing more guns from those same neighborhoods, unless……. they were possible closet racists themselves?

Ha. Such an idea is laughable. The Washington Post? Who would believe such? So for argument’s sake, let us look at some other possibilities as to why they would want to do what they did………

Do they mean well, and just fail to realize how their political stance would ultimately cause them to be portrayed? Or, as part of the Main Stream Media, are they doing their part to continue the status quo and help “keep minorities in their place”?

Again lets take a look at the article and the point where the Washington Post stumbled……

To paraphrase the hoopla, all Biden said in his answer was for us to look at Iowa and the number of minorities throughout their school system…(It’s very low) and then look at DC and the number of minorities in their school system… (it’s very high). The test scores in Iowa are high, while those in DC are low. These are not his opinions! These are facts! Facts that are rather well substantiated, mind you.

Now we as Americans love to look at evidence, then tackle that problem, and fix it. It is just what…….we live to do. Biden wasn’t dodging the problem; he was addressing it. Contrary to the editorial board of the Washington Post, it is time someone actually did.

Those of you with above average intelligence, must be wondering what exactly…. was the secret motivation driving the editors of the Washington Post? The one that would cause them to headline Biden’s statement of this commonly known fact, as a “stumble”? Is it possible that the insulated editorial board has actually become so ingrown that it has slipped out of the mainstream into the eddies of irrelevance?

For if the Washington Post were truly serious about helping Afro-Americans get through twelve years of public schooling, they would do a serious comparative journalism on their own school system. Spend a week in each inner city school. Just sit in a corner and watch. Then, travel to Iowa and do the same. Perhaps…… they would finally acknowledge what most of us know already: that Biden’s facts were “right on”. Minorities themselves are part of the problem.

Instead of hand wringing, it is time for the MSM to address minority audiences and challenge them to fix those problems existing within their cultures. One has only to step into any inner city mosque or city church vestibule to eloquently hear this same message reiterated from every lectern, over and over and over again.

After a one quick reading it becomes apparent that Biden didn’t “stumble”. The Washington Post editorial board mistakenly “thought” he did, based on 1) antiquated assumptions, and 2) a failure to pursue the question further. In a phrase, what we wound up with was a referee’s bad call. That is all. That “stumbling” headline, tells us more about the Washington Post editorial board then it does about the candidate……..