Matt, from over at the Soapbox, recently threw a party which had some rather influential guests. Since I heard little chatter regarding his post describing that party, I thought it could use another “shout”.

I have come to appreciate Matt’s perspective. Things I am thinking of saying but bite my tongue, he comes right out and says. The nicest part about his post is that through this writing, one gets a warm sense of the personalities swirling within the candidates, almost as if one were there in person.

Here is my favorite: his take on Carney’s speech. (Carney insisted that he speak first.)

“It had grown dark, so we had to turn on a floodlight behind John, which was far from ideal, since it essentially made him a silhouette. His speech essentially went like this:

“Blah blah blah, I lost my moustache (pause for laughter). Blah, blah, blah, I grew up in Claymont (pause for cheering). Blah, blah, blah, I used to be a kid (pause for pandering). Blah, blah, blah, I was a good Lt. Governor (pause for slim resume).”

I swear……..Carney’s a very nice guy, but he gives a terrible speech. He stuck around for the remaining four speeches, so I’m a little curious as to why he felt it necessary to go first. Psychological warfare, perhaps? “

This is why I like this blog. Matt sums the speech up so John Carney-like. He captures the man. Anyone who has listened to Carney at a Rotary meeting, knows Matt nailed it…..

Perhaps John could make a good governor. But in this election cycle he will not be given the opportunity to persuade Delaware’s voters that he can. He has been comfortable in politics far too long, and cannot connect with the “edginess” that all voters are feeling this cycle. Too many things need fixed too quickly and Carney does not seem to have the rapid-response personality that gives us confidence that such will be done.

But his speech was great for a congressman. His personality would represent us outstandingly as Delaware’s sole representative. He would provide Castle, a formidable opponent. Probably forcing Castle to retire instead of run, were John to choose to run.

I know his eyes are locked on the governorship…..But our weakest link is the republican holding on to the representative seat.  One is only as good as his weakest link. Delaware would benefit much more if John were to take on Castle, and rid both Delaware and America of one more elected republican.

His personality is tailor made for the US Congress. I would love to personally knock on 50,000 doors to get him into Washington.  I relish the prospect of illuminating those voters as to how much of their current pain has been caused by the republican Mike Castle, and let them know just what a great representative Democrat John Carney would be………