I am somewhat despondent that halfway across the globe, in a backwards nation yanked forward from the forties, greater appreciation for freedom exists, than it does in this twenty-first century bastion of freedom itself.

Probably the most moving piece of video coming out of Myanmar, is the procession of monks marching forward, protected only by their grace, into certain death in order to protest the actions of their captors.

What courage must flow through those veins…… I have often wondered at what thoughts flow through one’s consciousness, as one lies there resigned,  and lets life escape them, blow by blow.   I wonder where such deep rooted courage comes from.  From the point of a casual observer, it seems those Buddhists have far more of it within them then do our chicken-hawked Christian counterparts.

And to think here, in what once was our bastion of freedom, our own timid Congress cannot even say “no” to a president, who on a global scale, (if measured in strict dollars and ‘sense’) has robbed American citizens  of far move than this Myanmar junta has ever hoped to cull from the former Burma republic………..

So on one hand, as I become inspired by the raw courage of those who have collectively decided that their deaths, “right here, right now”, will have more of a positive influence on the scope of things to come, then the continuation of their lives………and on the other hand, I sadly realize how comfortable Americans have become, and perhaps wonder if we have indeed strayed over to apathy, and started down our own nation’s downward spiral.

Granted: they live in poverty. Granted: we are quite wealthy. Understood: they need help to survive. Understood: we can survive without help. But despite such glaring economic differences it is still sad to see that they are willing to do something about it, whereas we sit on our hands.

Todays hot topic, the Iraq war, is a flash button. But in timely terms, it will probably be an asterisk in history, sort of like the Spanish American War is considered today. But the single issue that history is bound to focus on from this era, as it gazes back from the future and with cold glaring eyes reappraises our actions of today, …will be how this generation, this party in power, and this president, when handed the gift that was given to it by those citizens of the last century, a healthy budget surplus, …..either wisely invested, or stupidly squandered it.

With historical clarity, they will focus on the actions of each of those members of the Congressional delegation, and examine those motives behind every vote made to either progress forward into this mad fiscal insolvency, or to step away from the precipice, and walk back to financial stability.

What is sad is that most American people have yet to realize that they are no longer the greatest power in the world. That in an instant, with a call back of our outstanding loans, we become a third rate power, incapable of paying on our obligations. They fail to realized that in 7 short years, this nation went from being the richest, to becoming a heartbeat away from bankruptcy. They fail to realize that those extreme few who benefit from the rape of their assets, are those extreme few who already had all the money to begin with………..

So what happened to those who live in the land of the free? When did we lose our nerve and our ability to protest against the misuse of our resources for the benefit of our wealthy junta? What, if any difference lies between the Myanmar junta’s misplacement of public resources and our neocon junta, which orchestrated an 11 trillion misplacement of our resources from out of the public trust into the pockets of the wealthy?

Why are our Evangelists not leading mobs through the streets protesting this outrageous theft of our future resources?

Because they are chicken? Have they no guts? Have they all become “wussified”? They answer lies in you my friend. If you once decided, “well, its not my fight today” then you have your answer. You have been compromised……….You have sold out…………you have denounced you birthright as an American citizen.

I am slowly realizing that I am as guilty as anyone. I’ll write in these forums among friends, and argue lines back and forth, but within a boardroom, I will keep my political views silent. Why do I DO such? I guess it is what decorum taught me. Ever since the seventies: “Don’t rock the boat, baby.”

I remember with admiration looking over some old photographs of Hyde Park, in downtown London, where citizens would walk down Sunday afternoon, and listen to the “speakers.” These speakers were just other citizens, like them, who came with a wood box, stood on it and started speaking. Those with topics of interest garnered more support than those who were boring. To the British this was accepted behavior.

As an American, if I were to see someone on a box speaking and my path were to cross theirs, my first tendency would be to cross the street and avoid even acknowledging it. (Stupid me. I will however listen to much worse every Sunday morning, and not even blink the third time I see the same commercial for the Archer Daniels Midland Corporation.) There is just something so “un-American” about forcing your views upon other people.” in person. It just lacks class.

Is it because we are chicken? Is it because we have no guts. Have we indeed become “wussified”?

Some of you who hearken back a few years remember the both the artist and tune behind these words………….

“What if you knew her, and saw her dead on the ground…….”

That poor girl just went to protest something she thought was wrong……..In her thoughts, “this is wrong, and now I have an opportunity to do something about it.”

Likewise with those monks marching into lines of security forces. “This is wrong, and now we have an opportunity to do something about it.”

When will it hit you? “This is wrong, and now I have an opportunity to do something about it?”

And when will it hit our Congress? Especially Delaware’s Lone Congressman? “This is wrong, and now I have the responsibility to do something about it?”

Courage…..lacking in me…..lacking in you.

The True Testament of Courage