Am I the only one who missed this?

When one compares the World Press, to the current American press, our own falls short in comparison. We were so much better even as distant as 6 years ago. Now one must look outward to find the details of what is transpiring inwards…….

Here is a story lifted from the Guardian: it speaks for itself…….

It is a party trick well known to curious teenagers across America. Zoom down on Washington via Google Earth and you get an extraordinary eagle-eyed view of the world’s greatest powerhouse. There’s the White House and its West Wing. There’s the spot where they put the national Christmas tree festooned with lights. Sweeping south-east across the Potomac you soar above the pentagon of the Pentagon; then back up a bit north and you can sit for hours counting the tiles on the roof of the Lincoln memorial. But there is one thing you can’t do. If you scroll over the site of the vice-president’s official residence, all you will see, mysteriously, is a blurry fuzz.

The 46th vice-president of the US, Dick Cheney, has a fondness for remaining invisible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Google Earth or a bank of television cameras, he won’t play ball. He rarely presents himself to the media, and when he does so he likes to keep it in the family.

Take the interview he gave last October to Scott Hennen, a rightwing talkshow host with North Dakota’s WDAY radio. At the time Iraq was imploding and the Republican party was heading towards meltdown at the mid-term elections. So what does Hennen ask him?

“Mr Vice-President, I know you’re fond of pheasant hunting in South Dakota, but there’s some great bird hunting in North Dakota. Is this going to be the year you come up and do a little bird hunting in North Dakota?”

Cheney: “Well, I don’t know …”

Incisive stuff. Hennen did, though, almost by accident, extract a seminal soundbite from the vice-president. The discussion turned to terrorism and where to draw the line on the interrogation of suspects.

Hennen: “Would you agree a dunk in water is a no-brainer if it can save lives?”

Cheney: “It’s a no-brainer for me.”

That quote, so innocently obtained, dunked Cheney himself in deep water. The man who had for months vehemently rejected the title of “vice-president for torture” found himself agreeing on air that the use of waterboarding – the technique of holding a prisoner underwater to the point of drowning in order to break their will – was a “no-brainer”.