In a surprising statement, a retired Lt. Col. has asked troops to obey their credo: duty , honor, country if ever asked to fly into Iran and drop weapons.

“I contend that should some civilian order you to initiate a nuclear attack on Iran (for example), you are duty-bound to refuse that order. I might also suggest that you should consider whether the circumstances demand that you arrest whoever gave the order as a war criminal.” (Dr., Lt. Col. Bob Bowman)

In an open letter to a new generation of military officers, he asks that they remember the last word of their oath:

Our oath of office is to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Since Congress, whom this retired Lt. Col has implored, is as a body, spineless as our representative Mike Castle, and completely incapable of applying the emergency brakes to this runaway train, he has implored the last residual of spine left in America, the boys and girls in uniform. It is still possible that reason will prevail, and this administration will be shut down, once and for all.