I thought it was a fluke. But two times in one day. It is like watching a losing team make two unanswered baskets in a row…….perhaps there is hope……

I first heard in on Allen Loudell’s interview during the evening commute. In what must be the second most original question ever asked of Mike, it went something like this…..

“If you woke up and we had bombed Iran…..and were at war…..would you still support the Bush administration?” And the answer he got, with all the double speak and twist and turns, was “no.” That would be the last straw.

Not to put words in Mike’s mouth, but the implication I got, correct me if I am wrong, is that if irrationality were to strike the White House so hard as to bomb Iran, we could count on Mike’s vote to impeach…….

The second sign of Mike’s split, was culled from what no doubt will be forever called the “splooooge” article by Jason at Delaware Liberal. In that amazing piece of work, Mike had this gem to say.

“I have long disagreed with the way this administration has misjudged the crucial diplomatic aspect of this conflict,” he said.”

I have to back Jason up when he says “then show us the votes, Mikey.” Saying one thing to a Rotary Club is one thing; going on record as bucking this administration by tubing the legislation they wanted, by voting against it, is what we are paying him to do. He hasn’t done it.

But as I said, he is down 30 points at the half…..It’s time he goes into a full court press against the Bush administration , if he wants any hope of pulling a win out of 08.

Let’s hope these two baskets are the start of a streak……….