Way back when you placed your private phone number on the federal no call list, you probably did not see the fine print that said if was good for only 5 years.

Personally, I do not remember seeing it.

But those of you in Pennsylvania who signed up on the state’s no call list which predated the federal list, begin expiring this fall. Some have already gotten calls.

Those who signed up on the Federal Law, start expiring in February of 2008.

Do not be intimidated to sign up your cell phone the feds warn. Under the law, all cell phones are automatically on the no call list. (Good reason to discontinue your land lines.)

Many of you have acquired new phones and phone numbers since February 2003…If you haven’t yet signed them in as no- call phones, then you can do so now.

Here is the link. You will need to provide an accurate email address to which you have access, for it to work.

One news organization interviewed telemarketers who are salivating like mosquitoes over the opening of these veins of information, currently out of reach.

Hi! This is Your Friendly Telemarketer! Are You Busy Right Now?