As 9/11 approaches I get the “heebie-jeebies” every year. This year it falls on the same day of the week it did in 01. Tuesday. For those of us who survive on weekly schedules, tracing the same steps, on the same day, will be a little portentous….if not disconcerting.

Some of you may have heard me mention it. That morning, 9/11/01 at about 4:50 am a series of bright stars and planets formed a giant, almost perfect circle in the southeast quadrant. Those stars struck anyone who looked up and saw them. They included Sirius, Regal, Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, Castor, Pollux, and the gaps were filled in with Venus, Jupiter, and if I remember right, Mars was included as well. The early am sky had faded out the lesser lights, allowing for this giant circle, a cosmic eye, so to speak, looking down intently.

Although I risk ridicule for saying so after the fact, having been raised on the “Star of Bethlehem” story, I climbed into my car thinking something big is going to happen that day.

Being self absorbed like every other American at that time, I limited myself to assuming it was to be something affecting my job, or my family personally.

Hours later I walked by a TV with no one around and seeing a skyscraper burning, stopped and began watching……………….

……………………………….the following day a controversial picture, lifted from the NY Daily Post, front paged the NJ. You may remember the one I am speaking of: it showed a burning city and from the smoke, the visage of a demonic figure looked down.

Both visionary events were the massive compilation of billions of random events. The stars and planets had been set on that course since the beginning of time; anyone who wanted, could have predicted the visual I saw from planet earth that very day……On the other hand, the picture on the front page, represented an image perhaps present for only 1/125 of a second. The combination of light, air currents, combustibles, and exact location of the camera, all played a significant role in how that bone chilling image came about…….

There are some who take comfort that we live among a series of random events. Because they fail to see the invisible hand, they have quietly chosen to rely on their own instincts, and quietly hold on to a disbelief in supernatural power.

I accept the possibility that all events may….. be random. But sometimes in our lives, so many things line up in a row, that incidents having fantastic odds of occurring, arise to dominate our lives and ultimately control our destinies.

The ultimate jury will be out, until we close our eyes for one last time. But as rational men, who assess the probabilities of both risk and solutions, I particularly would rather have a force capable of assembling trillions of events to paint these two gigantic visual images, ……….working for me,…… instead of against me…..

For that reason, I choose to believe…..and believe deeply.