One can alway tell who the NJ will support by looking that the pictures of the candidates it chooses to publish.

There are at least a thousand of pictures of each in the NJ’s archives. Yet it chose to publish these two.

Warm and Fuzzy, was he?Mug Shot To Scare Away Old Ladies

John looks warm and friendly. Jack looks like he took a mug shot.

I have been watching the NJ long enough to know this is not random. Delaware has lost many an awesome candidate due to the NJ’s editing board.

John’s photo has been enhanced with warm tones.  Jack’s has the contrast set too high, and was slightly stretched, thereby distorting his facial features.

Of course its fair.  It’s called politics.  But call it for what it is……distortion and move on………..The Markell camp should give the NJ the picture they want run  from now on………

Try flipping through some old voter’s guides, and you are sure to see the trend………..