George Bush has a tendency to piss people off. His relationship with Putin is no exception………Since the European summit and Bush’s insistence on putting a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech republic, Putin has become a different person.

First there was combined training with China against a “common enemy”. Then there was the bizarre photos of a half naked Putin fishing in the mountains. Finally there is the stepped up aggressiveness against Europe and the US……

Eight Russian backfire bombers hurtled directly toward British airspace yesterday, forcing the RAF to scramble Tornado fighters costing the Brits over 160,000 pounds they were not planning on spending.

The effort hardly costs the Russians anything. This was the fourth feint against British airspace, but was the largest so far. At the sight of the fighters and before Britain’s 12 mile airspace limit, the bombers turned back.

Bush's backfire backfires Backfire bombers before RAF fires back