There's a quiet place, north of here, where good things happen

One small thing that happened this past year but had great consequences over local politics, was the eradication of Hannity from WDEL and the instillation of 1) an additional hour of local issue talk radio under Fulcher, and 2) what may be called a radio news magazine, under the responsibility of Allen Loudell. I , for one, have changed my priorities during the afternoon commute. (It became official when I set all my car’s am settings to one station.) Instead of listening to new musicians trying to break out, I stay tuned to new information, trying to break in……

But what has most impressed me, is how much the political landscape has changed.

Talk radio used to be a cliche for right wing ranting. Today it is the bloggers right arm in holding our officials accountable. Biden, Carper, and Castle have all had to answer questions bounced back and forth between the blogs, on live air. Also there has been a steady blend of blogging and guest appearances between the two mediums. I have been lucky of late, to have caught interactions between officials, and fellow bloggers, while they are happening live on this radio station. Not only is it informative, but entertaining. (No wonder the right wing became addicted to it……).

Media is often criticized for being one way. The studio beams itself into our little world, and we never project back. It is exciting that the symbiosis that has taken place here in Delaware, gives citizens a way of pushing back. The evolution has been subtle, and only by the comparison between last year and this, can one appreciate just how much, removing Hannity from the “big station’ has changed the local mix.

Today there is much more accountability. Officials who often worked in a vacuum, whether in the capacity of serving the city, the county, or the state, now may have their actions illuminated, analyzed, and disparaged over the airwaves for all to hear. The combination of blogger sleuthing, and the ability of talk radio able to get guests to respond live to questions, has brought some degree of accountability to this states officials.

Both the News Journal and Comcast Newsmakers, seem to cater to the persons being interviewed. In those mediums, glossy and shallow answers are allowed. That is so not so with talk radio……

The change with Hannity was a small thing, but it seems to have made a big difference. Hat’s off to those individuals with backbone who were responsible for making that move……………………..