Mike Castle is good at talking out both sides of his mouth. He gives one point of view, then switches and says “on the other hand…..” and proceeds to give the point of view exactly opposite of what he just said.

He is very good at it. When speaking before a large group, each person hears the point of view he agrees with, shakes his head affirmatively, and later, remembering that he once agreed with him, he pushes Mike’s button on the voting machine.

As Nancy Willing puts it: Mike Castle very awkwardly suggests that because all of Delaware peace protesters have one goal in mind, (that they want to get out now), he almost finds himself resisting what they want because he disagrees with them even though he agrees with them on a withdrawal.

Obviously Mike still tries to do it. But today’s audience is no longer neutral. Perhaps considering that Castle has backed (ie. voted for) all of Bush’s Iraq proposals, one could say that 86% of the audience, is downright hostile. They want to hear plans and results, …. not platitudes. Mike’s words fall upon starving ears, like bones devoid of meat before the hungry…..

Actions speak louder than words. We are told so from birth. It is nice that Mike finally decided to speak up about his view of the war. However, his actions already taken, have spoken for him already. Talk is cheap.

So my recommendation is for all to dismiss the talk and remember it is just a diversion. Better to look at the Congressional Record, and see how he voted……….

It should anger you to find out how……..