It happened accidentally. The radio was on and at first I wasn’t listening, then something broke through that I couldn’t believe I was hearing, and then I listened intently for collaboration.

I haven’t found the link, so all of you can hear, but if my hearing was correct, and reading between the lines of her jeers at the Democrat participants, in my opinion here is what she said about our troops.

“All this Democratic whining about the war dead. For heaven’s sakes get over it!!….. …they are not slaves, they volunteered! … We are doing them a favor by sending them over there! … It’s what they are there for!”

It has to be a Freudian slip-up, right? She just seem to say that our local men and women of the National Guard volunteered to become war dead, right?

Then later in her flagrant praise for Republican retorts:

The Republican party needs to stand firm on this one. We cannot waiver. There can be no defections. Our reputation is at stake.

This has strikingly similarities to the video of the College Republican convention across from the Arlington cemetery that was graciously provided by Delaware Liberal Their youthful comments and those of Ms Ingram sound remarkably the same.

In WWII the Hitler Youth provided twelve year olds the opportunity to defend Berlin, when older, and more mature soldiers knew that all hope for the Wehrmacht was lost. Based on the video clip above, the Republicans still have 6 years of depth on their bench. When we have stooped to seeing twelve year olds defending Bush/Cheney, we know the end is near…….

Back to Laura: if you put her two thoughts together, in a two plus two sort of equation, you get this:

As our precious sons and daughters lay dead; the Republicans proudly raise their head.

Sounds like poetry doesn’t it; I believe it’s iambic pentameter.