With huge campaign chests being accumulated by top tier candidates, one who remembers the effects of a record campaign chests in 2000 and 2004, must wonder to whom these candidates will favor once the election is over and the publics eye moves on to other issues?

Before (back in 2000,2004),………… we primarily had oil, insurance, and pharmaceuticals paying for those endless commercials leading up to November. Today, it is you and I who are paying for their copious generosity. Legislation helping to increase their profits in oil, insurance, and pharmaceuticals, have all been signed into law by this administration.

So who will Hillary, Obama, Edwards favor? Are they too, so compromised that they can no longer be objective whenever one of their supporters needs a “little help”? And poor petit cardiganed McCain…….with 275,000 in the bank and 1.7 million in debt, ……should he manage to pull out of his nose dive, to whom does he owe for saving his financial ass?

America needs to know. The only candidates one can trust are those who refuse to prostitute themselves for dollars. Many small contributions, not one or two large ones, are what America needs to see in financial campaign statements.

Rhetoric like this is required:

“When you are sinking,and this country is sinking, there are only two options you got left. You can either bail like hell……..or……..throw out the dead weight……….I got a couple of CEOs ………I’m ready to throw………” (Thunderous applause for Joe Biden)