The next time a blogger gets close to Mike Castle, he should ask this question. “Why do you persist in supporting the Bush war when it is obviously in your best political interests, not too?

Talk about a political scoop. That answer would race to the top of both right and left political discussions.

So why does Republican Congressman Mike Castle persist in supporting a president who, within Delaware at least, has a popularity level even below the national average of 27%?

The answer could perhaps found in this Machiavellian advice that whenever you find yourself on the wrong side of the issue, dig in and fight, otherwise you will be viewed as weak and compromising.

Across America today citizens are opening high school yearbooks and gazing on pictures of what could have been.  Young, beautiful faces looking out from the pages with excitement and hope for the future.

It is okay to doggedly pursue a course of action that you firmly believe is morally correct.  Ghandi, Mandala, and Martin Luther King all come to mind.  But to pursue a course you know to be flawed, to cause unnecessary pain and suffering, for no reason but your own political self interests, is morally indefensible.

So how is it that Delaware, the first state, the home of Caesar Rodney,  could support a Congressman who is morally indefensible?

Perhaps past loyalty?  How often have marriages lasted too long, have bosses not been fired fast enough, have children been allowed to be abused, because personal feelings got in the way of clear judgment?   There is a gentle human tendency to having once loved, to always have affection for that person, place, or thing. We should not be faulted for this.  Just the opposite, we should exalt it.  But we need to balance this emotional perspective with reality.

The reality is that Americans are dying in an religiously infused Iraqi Civil War.  I wonder how many British died in our Civil War?  How many French? I can find no answers, so my assumption is none.  So why are we losing Delawareans to determine which ancient Muslim prophet was divinely inspired?

Mike Castle.  Please change your view on this war to reflect your own beliefs, and those of the citizens of this patriotic first state.  Others in your party, blessed with a common sense,  have made the change.  Please do so soon, before Delawareans have to open up another recent yearbook, and see another ghost looking back……..