The Environment is at risk. Global warming has iced the cake but even on a small scale, species by species, mankind has erased incredible bits of genetic coding, compiled over millions of years. The damage done is just being realized these past few years.

The missing tree frogs, butterflies, and now honey bees have, like the canary in the coal mine, quietly keeled over dead. Satellite photos show large swaths of wilderness that existed ten years ago, now gone from areas so remote that most Americans could not identify by name. Great deserts devoid of life now exist in our seas from scooping everything alive from out of a hundred mile circle of ocean. Even native fishermen are forced to put up their nets, after the big boats have come by

Local species such as the horseshoe crab, have profound medical uses based on the genetics of their blue blood. Likewise we’ve been hearing of the rain forest’s destruction for decades now, and have said “how sad” but now, closer to home, we face our own desolation of species. Bulldozing a forest for houses, has consequences almost as severe as global warming to some of the indigenous species that happen to call those woods home. Changes need to be made.

Those of you with kids know first hand that teenagers and young adults are treated differently than one treats infants and toddlers. That is because teenagers being larger and now “driving”, they present a greater danger to society should they choose to misbehave or act irresponsibly. Well, the growth of man over these last few decades, has presented the same scenario, just on a different scale. We now have become more dangerous through our technology and numbers, and must, like a teenager, behave and act responsibly.

One would never expect a teenager to say, “I used to run around naked when I was two, why can’t I do it now?” but, one can and should expect developers to offer their twist on the same argument. When they do, society needs to shut them down, flat and simple.

Some of us still remember the fear that the world would end in a nuclear conflagration caused by some of man’s weaker tendencies. But through communication, we discovered that our adversaries, though threatening us as we were threatening them, really didn’t want to end the world either. We worked out a plan and are still here, proving it worked. The same needs to occur on a global scale unprecedented in human history.

The story of Noah’s ark is being relived in our generation. Like a car being driven down an open highway, we can choose to slowly apply the brakes, upon seeing flashing lights ahead, or we can choose to slam them at the last minute and hope our calculations of skidding distances are accurate. The warning signs are there, are we listening?

Solution: freeze development . Reuse renewable resources across the entire globe.

Need fish? We will raise them ourselves .on fish farms Need wood? We will replant logged areas and reuse the secondary growth. Need plastics, Recycle. Need more houses? We cut a few trees, allowing the wildlife to shift a few feet away, not the impossible distance of miles.

Probably no environmental impact has struck the global consciousness more than global warming. Our actions upon this planet, rival the extinctions of comets smashing into earth. Each year the temperature rises. Action needs to take place sooner rather than later. The waters are rising, almost imperceptibly at first, then slowly culminating in a rush of rising ocean. All of us are responsible. All of us need to realize, to paraphrase a Disney song, that we have the whole world in our hands. It is a small world after all.