And next we tackle Medical costs.

What needs to happen? Americans need to have access to basic health care. If lack of money is stopping you from seeing a doctor while the health issue is small, then it is problem. The concept of socialized medicine needs to be adopted here, at least on a doctor’s visits level. Will quality of health care suffer? Yes. Is your service better at a Men’s warehouse or a shopping center K mart? If you are happy with your service your certainly will be allowed to keep it as long as you are willing to pay for it. But if you have no other option, than a Kmart doctor is a vast improvement.

The best doctors will continue to compete for the best seekers of their services. Those just starting out can get their internships by working in the “mills” Not quite as fun as portrayed by Grey’s Anatomy, but that show never covers the payment of the medical bills, now does it?

Specialized care needs more work. Large amounts of money need to available. My current recommendation is to have medical providers bid on accounts and let the marketplace determine the winners and losers. What needs to occur is that total care goes up and current costs go down. The best line towards efficiency is to set out in that direction and evolve through trial and error into a system that liberates large amounts of money for other areas and improves each person’s access to coverage. This is a big country. Somewhere, someone has part of the answer. We just need to find it……………..

Should medical corporations be guaranteed huge profits in the switch. No, that is Republican socialism. They need, on their own, to find the route to their survival. The true entrepreneur spirit needs to return to the American medical profession. Will we install price controls? Only if and when the market place fails such as it does now when there is no competition.

The true test will be if a family’s medical costs go down. Measure that medical cost by combining their tax liability and their medical spending. For this to be deemed a success, the combined total must decrease from where it stands now. And to be fair, it must do so for all income levels, even the wealthiest., although during a phased in rollout, they will no doubt be expected to carry some of the burden and will see the last relief.. However they will also benefit from the increased activity within the economy from extra moneys realized by every family.

We will tackle this problem. We may not have the perfect solution yet. Every journey begins with a single step., Failure to move now in any direction, leads us to our demise. Which way we go is still up for grabs. All citizens and businesses need to make their needs known. But move we will. That I can promise you. And the goal I set is that whichever way we go, it will cost you less, and I ask that you spend that difference on yourselves which ironically helps all of us.